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The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary for IB ACIO Exam 2017

The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary for IB ACIO Exam 2017_40.1

Dear students, English language is the flavor of the millennium. In every aspect of life, we need great English language skills to stand out and be a success in your chosen field. In your competitive Exams for govt. jobs, English section is the most challenging. The best way to improve your language skills is by Reading newspapers. We are providing 10 vocabulary words from The Hindu Newspaper Editorial. Read and learn.

1.Tepid (adjective)

Meaning: (especially of a liquid) only slightly warm; lukewarm, showing little enthusiasm.
Synonyms: lukewarm, warmish, slightly warm; unenthusiastic, apathetic, half-hearted, indifferent, cool, lukewarm, uninterested, unconcerned, offhand, perfunctory, desultory, limp, listless.
Example: India’s declining growth rate has also coincided with poor export performance. Export demand has been weak because of the tepid growth rate of the advanced economies. 

2.Achilles heel (noun)
Meaning: a weakness or vulnerable point.
Synonyms: weak spot, weak point, weakness, vulnerable spot, soft underbelly, shortcoming, failing, imperfection, flaw, defect, deficiency, fault, foible, chink in one’s armour.
Example: To sum up, the growth rate in 2017-18 is unlikely to exceed 6.5%. Once the glitches and fears of the GST are over, the growth rate may pick up. Our goal must be to achieve and sustain a growth rate of 8% and above over an extended period. The Achilles heel is private investment, which has been steadily falling. However, there has been a slight pick-up in public investment recently. That is not enough. Only when the two engines of public and private investment function at full throttle will India fly high.
3.Sanguine (adjective)
Meaning: optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.
Synonyms: optimistic, bullish, hopeful, buoyant, positive, disposed to look on the bright side, confident, cheerful, cheery, bright, assured.
Example: But what about the enormous software or cultural differences between Japan and India? Mr. Nakano was sanguine. “When we had Indians coming here (to Tokyo) for training, I noticed some of them were quite late. But after two weeks in Japan they became very punctual,” he concluded.
4.Cohort (noun)
Meaning: a group of people with a shared characteristic., an ancient Roman military unit, comprising six centuries, equal to one tenth of a legion.
Synonyms: unit, outfit, force.
Example: Nearly 800,000 people in the U.S. now face the possibility of losing their jobs, driver’s licences and university seats and even of being deported to a country that was not their home. The looming legal limbo for this sizeable cohort, which includes around 8,000 Indian nationals, is a direct result of President Donald Trump’s decision on September 5 to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.
5.Encapsulate (verb)
Meaning: enclose (something) in or as if in a capsule.
Synonyms: enclose, encase, contain, confine, envelop, enfold, sheath, cocoon, surround
Example: Beyond that deadline, their continuance in the U.S. would require lawmakers to come up with a bill similar to the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, a legislative proposal that went beyond piecemeal benefits, granting its recipients residency and setting out a path to citizenship. Such a bill, encapsulating widely acceptable principles underpinning a path to citizenship for deserving migrants, has eluded Capitol Hill for decades.
6. Allure (noun)
Meaning: the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.
Synonyms: attraction, lure, draw, pull, appeal, glamour
Example:  people for whom gold holds no allure”
7.Circumspect (adjective)
Meaning:  wary and unwilling to take risks.
Synonyms: chary, guarded
Example:  “the officials were very circumspect in their statements”
8.Cohesive (adjective)
Meaning: characterized by or causing cohesion
Synonyms: united
Example: “a cohesive social unit”
9.Shirk (verb)
Meaning: avoid or neglect (a duty or responsibility).
Synonyms: dodge, shun
Example: “I do not shirk any responsibility in this matter”
10.Preoccupation (noun)
Meaning: the state or condition of being preoccupied or engrossed with something.
Synonyms: pensiveness, concentration, engrossment, absorption, self-absorption, musing, thinking, thinking of other things, deep thought, brown study, brooding.
Example: The strongest criticism against the police is of their preoccupation with the problems of the political party in power and those of the rich and famous.
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