Happy Bhai Dooj 2020!

Bhai dooj signifies the sacred relationship between a brother and sister. Celebrated on the fifth day of the five-day festivities, this day commemorates the eternal bond between siblings. It has a literal meaning attached to it. Made of two phrases- Bhai and dooj, bhai stands for brother and dooj mean the second day after the new moon.

Sisters perform aarti and put tilak on the forehead of their brothers in return for thoughtful gifts. They pray for the longevity of brother’s life and brothers vow to protect them against all evils. The sister whose sibling lives far away from her sends her sincerest prayers for the long life of her sibling through the moon god. She performs aarti for the moon. This is the motivation behind why kids warmly call the moon Chandamama.

May the auspicious occasion of Bhai dooj strengthen the relationship between you and your sibling.

Happy Bhai Dooj 2020!!

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