G.K.Quiz On Geography

The percentage of India’s
total population employed in agriculture is nearly
      A.  40%    
      B.  50%
      C.  60%    
      D.  70%

Which of the following
important rivers of India does not originate from the Western Ghats?
      A.  Cauvery         
      B.  Godavari
      C.  Krishna           
      D.  Mahanadi

Which of the following areas
or regions is most prone to earthquakes?
      A.  Ganga-Brahmaputra
      B.  Deccan
      C.  Plains
of northern India
      D.  Western

The proportion of forest to
the total national geographical area of India as envisaged by National Forest
Policy is
      A.  30.3% 
      B.  33.3%
      C.  38.3% 
      D.  42.3%

Which of the following dams
has generations of power more than irrigation as its main purpose?
      A.  Gandhi
      B.  Hirakud
      C.  Periyar
      D. ungabhadra

Which of the following crops
is regarded as a plantation crop?
      A.  Coconut         
      B.  Cotton
      C.  Sugarcane     
      D.  Rice

Which of the following
countries leads in the production of aluminium and its products in the world?
      A.  Australia         
      B.  France
      C.  India   
      D.  USA

The natural region which
holds the Indian subcontinent is
      A.  equatorial
climate change region
      B.  hot
      C.  monsoon
      D.  Mediterranean

The most ideal region for
the cultivation of cotton in India is
      A.  the
Brahmaputra valley
      B.  the
Indo-Gangetic valley
      C.  the
Deccan plateau
      D.  the
Rann of Kutch

Which of the following types
of soil are mostly confined to river basins and coastal plains of India?
      A.  Alluvial
      B.  Black
      C.  Laterite
      D.  Red

1.    D
2.    D
3.    A
4.    B
5.    A
6.    A
7.    D
8.    C
9.    C
10.  A

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  1. hai…im new here…!
    i want to give ssc exam this time.
    i in the tentative calender i found that the aplications for tier 1 wil b closed by 13th april….!! i dont knw hw i mised aplying :/
    is the date for aplying for tier 1 exam realy over ? plz help

  2. Hello Sandip sir , how r u… I m from jharkhand. Prepare for cgl 2015.. Is syllabus change in 2015. Guide pl z

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    World War 1 (1914-1918)

    1) In 1872, in Franco-prucian war Germany defeated

    2) Germany took Alsac and Lorrian parts of france.

    3) Ottovan Bismark became Chancellor of Germany. He
    adopted the policy what is called the “Blood
    and Iron Policy”.

    4) He launched ambitious programs of increasing
    German army and Navy.

    5) He made an alliance with Russia and Italy.

    6) He wanted Germany to become world super power

    7) By making Navy it turned british hostile towards

    8) Germany made friendly agreement with

    9) The friendship of Russia was thrown to winds as
    they were rivals of Austria-hungary.

    10) Kaiser-Willam 2 succeded Bismark as
    Chancellor of germany.

    11) In 1887 a military pact was signed
    between Germany,Italy and Austria-Hungry that came to be known as Triple-Alliance..

    12) France,Russia and Britian signed a friendly
    agreement. That is known as “Triple Entent”(1907).

    13) German Jingoism boosted of its strength, German
    forces were ready to defeat france.

    14) France started readying their forces for war
    with germany

    15) Europe got divided into 2 rival blocks-Prevailed
    an uneasy peace

    16) In June 1914 “Francis-ferdinand” the
    “arch duke” hire to the throne of Austria-hungry was shot dead in the Bosnian
    city of Sarajevo by a Serbian citizen Gavrilo princeep.

    17) Austria-hungry gave an ultimatum (final set of
    demands) of 48 hours to Serbia

    1) to end all
    anti -Austria-hungry activities.2) to allow team of investigation of
    Austria-Hungry 3)To come into Serbia.

    18) Serbia agreed the first but refused the second

    19) Austria-hungry decleared war on Serbia on 28th
    july 1914

    20) Germany attacked

    21) USA entered first world war in 1917

    22) Russia withdraw earlier in 1917 ………. 1)It had
    suff. 6 million casualities boz of Russian revolution 2)Czar rule ended in
    Russia in 1917. 3)Russian revolution broke out in 1917. 4)Last czr of Russia
    was Nicolous-2. 5) Treaty of versalies was agreed upon in 1918.6) German navy
    was banned 7) German army was reduced to 1lakh.8) Austria was separated from
    hungary.9)Czachoslovakia was carved out from Austria .10) Saar valley was
    demillitrised. 11) Alsac and Lorrain was restored to france. 12) Germany sent a
    code in telegram to Maxico for their help in return of which germany would help
    mexico against USA ARTHUR ZIMMERNAN decoded that before USA.13) Fascism rose in
    Italy by Benitc Mussolini(Furhur) 14) Nazism rose in germany founded by hitler.
    15)Hitler wrote MAIN KAMPH MY STRUGGLE.

    Nazism and Fascism advocated-one man rule,-one
    party system,-rejected-

    Hitler became chancellor in 1933

    Great dipression 1929-1933

    In first 5 yr of his rule hitler reduced the
    german unemployment from 6-million to zero

    On 3rd sept. second world war started

    First atom bomb little boy was dropped on
    Hiroshima on 6th august 1945

    Second atom bomb,Fat man was dropped on

  5. A plantation is a large piece of land (or water) usually in a tropical or semitropical area where one crop is specifically planted for widespread commercial sale and usually tended by resident laborers. The crops grown include fast-growing trees (often conifers), cotton, coffee, tobacco, sugar cane, sisal, oil seeds (e.g. oil palms), rubber trees, and various fruits.

    I am surely new t gpin to follow this site any more. Alot of incorrect information are being provided.

  6. plz tell my marks if any body have downloaded the marks of ssc chsl 2014
    roll no. 3010503135

    as site is not functioning

  7. history:
    started qutub minar ,quwatul islam mosque,adhai din ka jhopra(mosque in ajmer)-qutubuddin aibak
    alai darwaza -alauddin khilji
    tuglakabad city started -gst
    jahapanah city–mbt

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