G.K.Quiz On Chemistry

1.    The number of waves in n x 10th Bohr’s
orbit are
      A.  n2
      B.  n
      C.  n-2
      D.  n3

2.    The mass of one Avogadro number of
helium atom is
      A.  1.00 gram
      B.  4.00 gram
      C.  8.00 gram
      D.  4 x 6.02 x 1023 gram
3.    The items amenable to detection by
soft x-rays are
      A.  contrabands
      B.  lead in bullets
      C.  narcotics
      D.  genuine coins from counterfeit coins
4.    The material which can be deformed
permanently by heat and pressure is called a
      A.  thermoplastic
      B.  thermo set
      C.  chemical compound
      D.  polymer
5.    The mass number of a nucleus is
      A.  always less than its atomic number
      B.  the sum of the number of protons and neutrons
present in the nucleus
      C.  always more than the atomic weight
      D.  a fraction
6.    The inexpensive and commonly used
variety of glass is called soda glass. It is called so because
      A.  was used initially for making bottles of
soda(carbonated drink)
      B.  is made using soda(sodium carbonate)
      C.  was initially used for storing sodium
      D.  is made using soda lime
7.    The graphite rods in the nuclear
      A.  react with U to release energy
      B.  produce neutrons
      C.  undergo combustion which triggers the nuclear
      D.  convert fast moving neutrons into thermal
8.    The first metal used by man was
      A.  iron     
      B.  copper
      C.  gold    
      D.  bronze
9.    The hydronium ion is
      A.  H+
      B.  HO
      C.  H2+
      D.  H3O+
10.  The most electropositive elements
among the following is
      A.  Na      
      B.  Ca
      C.  K         
      D.  Cs


10.  D

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  1. Thermoset, or thermosetting, plastics are synthetic materials that strengthen during being heated, but cannot be successfully remolded or reheated after their initial heat forming…….that means deformed……so thermoset is right

  2. Mam plz tell me final year is sal exam diya june tk
    result aayega kya cgl 2015 form fill kr skte h
    clear out confusion plz plz plz plz

  3. A bowl in the shape of a hemisphere with radius 10 cm is filled with water. If the bowl is tilted by 30 degree causing some of the water to spill out, how much water remains in the bowl after it is restored to an upright position?

  4. If the diffr. Between the digits of a 2 digit no is 4 nd the ratio between the 10's place digit nd unit digit is 1:3 .then find the sum of 2 digits………
    1)9. 2)6. 3)12. 4)8

  5. are sory mne glti se differnce h nikal dya .. or vo h ques m puchah haha
    ques pdte h mne to 26 as a nmbr socha tha… ans is 8

  6. yr mje b confusn hi h…agr sine component lkr krta hu to 2/3pie *875 a rha h….
    or agr generly dkhe to syad ans 2/3 of original volume b ho skta h

  7. hey shadow pls help me in solving these i have posted but nt replied by any one

    Pipes A & B can fill a tank in 20 mins and 30 mins respectively and C can empty it in 15 mins. A is opened for a min & then closed . B is then opened for a min and closed. C is then opened for a min and then closed. This process is repeated untill the tank is filled. Find the time taken to fill the tank.?

  8. A & B can do a work in 12 days, B & Ccan do it in 16 days.
    All of them started the work together ,after working for 5 days , A left, B worked foe another 2 Days and left, C completed the remaining work after having worked for a total of 13 days. In how many days could C do the work?

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