G.K. Quiz On Polity

The oath of office is
administered to the Governor by the
      A.  chief
justice of India
      B.  president
      C.  chief
justice of high court
      D.  speaker
of legislative assembly

The members of Parliament
can express themselves in the House in
      A.  English
      B.  Hindi
      C.  English
or Hindi
      D.  English,
Hindi or mother tongue

The nature of the
anti-Imperialist struggle was
      A.  always
peaceful and constitutional
      B.  initially
constitutional and by large non-violent
      C.  based
on continuous armed resistance
      D.  largely
supported by foreign powers

The position of the prime
minister of India is superior to that of his counter-part in Britain because
      A.  India
is the biggest democracy
      B.  India
has adopted the federal system
      C.  India
has a written constitution
      D.  his
office enjoys constitutional basis

The members of the
committees of Parliament are
      A.  nominated
by the leaders of the various parties in the Parliament
      B.  nominated
by the prime minister
      C.  appointed
by the speaker or elected by the House from amongst persons who are not members
of Parliament
      D.  appointed
by the speaker or elected by the House from amongst its own members

The parliament can legislate
on the subject in the state list
      A.  if
the President issues an order authorizing it to do so
      B.  if
the Supreme Court of India gives authority to the Parliament of India in this
      C.  if
the Rajya Sabha passes a resolution by two-third of its to legislate on a state
matter in the   national interest
      D.  None
of the above

The national flag was
adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on 22 July 1947 and was presented
to the nation at the midnight session of the Assembly on 14th August 1947 on
behalf of
      A.  the
minorities of India
      B.  the
National Integration Council
      C.  the
women of India
      D.  the
people of India

The president convenes and
prorogues all sessions of Parliament in consultation with
      A.  the
      B.  the
prime minister
      C.  the
prime minister and the leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha
      D.  None
of the above

The preamble to our
constitution provided that India is
      A.  a
sovereign, socialist and democratic republic
      B.  a
sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic
      C.  a
sovereign republic with a socialist pattern of society
      D.  a
socialist, secular and democratic republic

The minimum age required to
become a member of Rajya Sabha is
      A.  21
      B.  25
      C.  30
      D.  35

1.    (C)
2.    (D)
3.    (B)
4.    (D)
5.    (D)
6.    (C)
7.    (C)
8.    (B)
9.    (B)

10.  (C)

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  1. Hey.. helloo der.. guys m new to ssc.. i dnt evn know the abc of ssc.. i dnt knw whats the post.. what r its benefits etc etc.. bt i want to prepr for it.. can u pls guide me for ssc from minute details pls..

    pls frnds. In need..

  2. check the ssc website download notification plz hve close look. u r in competitive worldnot in spoon feeding arena thn u need to get info by ur self not a diff task bye

  3. Pls help me wid this
    1) The sum of the length breadth and height if rectangular parallelopiped is 24 cm and the length of its diagonal is 15cm then its total surface area is ?

    2) In β–²ABC D and E are pts on the side AB and BC resp. Such that DE || AC and AD : DB =3:2 find the ratio of area of trapezium to that of β–²BED

  4. SSC is known as junior IAS
    It is very tough exam
    Even PO of a bank want to do this job
    Because lots of power

  5. Q1…prop of Rectangular Parallelopiped
    1. parallel edges of Rectangular Parallelopiped r equal in length
    2. Any two opposite faces of Rectangular Parallelopiped r equal and parallel rectangles

    let a= length ,b=breadth , h=height
    given a+b+h= 24
    space diagonal d=sqrt(a^2 +b^2 +h^2) = 15
    Area A =(ab +bh+ha)
    (a+b+h)^2= (24)^2
    a^2 +b^2 +h^2 +2(ab +bh+ha) =(24)^2
    2(ab +bh+ha) =(24)^2 -(15)^2
    A=175.5 sqr cm

    in 2nd Q trapezium having 4 sides but u r asking trapezium

  6. hello mam !!

    I want to know abt ssc tier-2 paper3 i.e. STATISTICS ; for wht posts does it held and whether it affects the scoring of paper 1,2 i.e. maths & english ; whether it is compulsory to take this paper

  7. in Q2 … add some more steps…

    Ar(CECA)=(21/25)Ar(ABC) —–2
    Ar(CECA)/Ar(BED) = 21/4
    Ar(CECA):/Ar(BED) =21:4

  8. M nt so old jo aashirvad dun……. πŸ™‚ my wishes r alwz wid u m waiting fr ur success story…
    Started coaching frm today

  9. At present to ssc hi h ibps k time pe uski b krungi u knw my bro who selected for cbdt also got selected for po
    So papa ne mje b dono clr krne ko bola h…… πŸ™‚

  10. yeah u had told me about yr bro selection……
    and now he cleared PO amazing
    ab to hum bhi tumhe kahenge ki dono clear kro :))

  11. yes kyo nhi……..
    yadi aap kisi chij ko pane k liye mehnet karte hai to aaj nhi to kal wo mil he jayega
    now gud nyt & tc .

  12. Mix nair,
    Easy rule to remember
    When two triangles are similar then their ratio of areas are squareof the ratio of their sides.
    So a
    AB:BD is 5:2 then ratio of areas of βˆ†BDE:βˆ†ABC is 4:25 now proportion of area of trapezoid will be 25-4= 21
    So ratio of areas of trapezoid to βˆ†BDE IS 21:4
    simple πŸ™‚
    Note there is no big calculation involve … No equations πŸ˜‡

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