GK : QUIZ for SSC ( General Science)

1.Production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) gas which is proposed to be banned in India, is used in which of the following domestic products?
A. Television
B. Refrigerator
C. Tube light
D. Cooking gas

2. Balloons are filled with
A. nitrogen
B. helium
C. oxygen
D. argon
3. Which of the following does not contain a coinage metal?
A. Silver and Gold
B. Zinc and Gold
C. Copper and Silver
D. Copper and Gold
4. Water is a good solvent of ionic salts because
A. it has a high specific heat
B. it has no colour
C. it has a high dipole moment
D. it has a high boiling point

5.Which of the following is not an isotope of hydrogen?
A. Tritium
B. Deuterium
C. Protium
D. Yttrium
6. The main constituents of pearls are
A. calcium oxide and ammonium chloride
B. calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate
C. aragonite and conchiolin
D. ammonium sulphate and sodium carbonate
7.  Amalgams are
A. highly coloured alloys
B. alloys which contain mercury as one of the contents
C. alloys which have great resistance to abrasion
D. alloys which contain carbon
8. Which of the following is the lightest metal?
A. Mercury
B. Lithium
C. Lead
D. Silver
9. Which metal pollute the air of a big city?
A. Copper
B. Chromium
C. Lead
D. Cadmium
10. Bell metal is an alloy of
A. nickel and copper
B. zinc and copper
C. brass and nickel
D. tin and copper

ANSWER KEY : 1-( B), 2-( B), 3- ( B), 4- ( C), 5- (D), 6- ( B), 7-  ( B), 8- ( B), 9- (C), 10- ( D).

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