GK: QUIZ for SSC (Chemistry)

1. Which one of the following is the softest?
A.  sodium
B.  iron
C.  aluminium
D.  lithium

2. Which have the maximum density ?
A.  Water
B.  Benzene
C.  Ice
D.  Chloroform
3. Which one of the following gas is readily soluble in water at room temperature ?
A.  chlorine
B.  nitrogen
C.  ammonia
D.  carbon dioxide
4. Which is also called Stranger Gas ?
A.  Xenon
B.  Neon
C.  Argon
D.  Nitrous oxide
5. Oil of vitriol is 
A.  nitric acid
B.  sulphuric acid
C.  hydrochloric acid
D.  phosphoric acid
6. Which is used in preparation of dynamite ?
A.  glycerol
B.  ethyl alcohol
C.  methyl alcohol
D.  glycol
7. What is Calcium sulphate ?
A.  epsom salt
B.  blue vitriol
C.  gypsum salt
D.  potash alum
8. Bleaching action of chlorine is by
A.  decomposition
B.  hydrolysis
C.  reduction
D.  oxidation
9. Which metal is heaviest ?
A.  osmium
B.  mercury
C.  iron
D.  nickle
10. What is a mixture of potassium nitrate powdered charcoal and sulphur called?
A.  paint
B.  aluminium
C.  brass
D.  gun powder

ANSWER KEY: 1- (A), 2- (A), 3- (D), 4- (A), 5- (B), 6- (A), 7- (C), 8- (A), 9- (B), 10- (D).

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  1. Nthg ji….u r super,,,well performance in quizes,,,,Dats y iam asking,,,,share with me ur preparation strategy,,,

  2. 1-a-sodium
    2-a. 1,000.00 kg/m³ = Water, Density
    876.50 kg/m³ = Benzene, Density
    Ice is similar to water, but lighter!
    1.48 g/cm³ = Chloroform, Density

    …….10/10……in 2 min

  3. Answer to the question 8 is D … Because Cl in bleaching powder is Cl free radical which plucks the electrons from the material which it reacts… Thus oxidising that material.

  4. Arey,,isme thanx wali koe baat ne hai…I just tried to guide u..hope.it will work for u..ATB

  5. Density =mass/volume then for a constant volume the density vl b min /max depends on mass now the mass of chloroform is higher than all others then y the density of chcl3 is not MX???frnds plzz clear me that which type of density v r talking abt? Is this relative density or only density??

    G TO DO""



    _/_ _/_

  7. you assumed volume is same, it is loophole in the solution
    if you fix the volume the scenario will be different.
    for example if there are 10 molecule of chloroform in 1 centimeter cube then there are 1000 water molecule in 1 centemeter cube.
    so density of chloroform= 10x atomic mass of chloroform/ volume
    and density of water molecule= 1000x atomic mass of water/ volume

  8. Mam every post has some error … Here answer to question 8 is D … If you were talking about cl2 gas then also cl free radical causes oxidation. And
    Densities are
    water 999.97 kg/m³
    Ice 934 kg/m³
    Benzene 876.50 kg/m³
    Chloroform 1490 kg/m³
    So please change the answers …

  9. bhai last tym chemistry kb pdi thi :p
    dkh hota kya h dnsity ka mtlab ye b hota ki mass or volume k numerick value lo or mutiply kr do.. molecular interactions pr bht jyada depend krti h … uske strcture pr… tre accrding to fr water or ice k density b same honi chaiye…. lkn aisa n hota bhai…
    rat mat concept pakad

  10. then tell me the concept which tells us that water density is maximum.
    I appreciate Ankit's doubt. do not criticize him.
    and you have mentioned ( density= mass x volume) which is totaly wrong.

  11. bhai mutiply k jgh divide kr le.. ho jti h typing m glti ;p
    bhai water k max n hoti vo to agr tu relative pd rha h to reltve wtr k compzn m hoti h islye wter k max bolte h… koi or doubt ho ti btayo bhai

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