GK: Quiz for SSC (BIOLOGY)

1. Among the biotic components of the ecosystem, the producer system is ?
a.  Sea
b.  Rivers
c.  Green Plants
d.  Animals

2. Which one of the following disease is not transmitted by tiger mosquitoes ?
a.  Dengue
b.  Chikungunya
c.  Japanese Encephalitis
d.  Yellow fever

3. What is Pollination ?
a.  germination of pollen grains
b.  growth of pollen tube in ovule
c.  transfer of pollen from anther to stigma
d.  visiting flowers by insects

4. Plants receive their nutrients mainly from ?
a.  atmosphere
b.  chlorophyll
c.  light
d.  soil

5. The disease caused by deficiency of protein in children is called
a.  Pellagra
b.  Marasmus
c.  Beri-Beri
d.  Rickets

6. Bamboo is classified as
a.  Bush
b.  Tree
c.  Grass
d.  Weed

7. Plants synthesis protein from
a.  Starch
b.  Sugar
c.  Fatty acids
d.  Amino acids

8 Plants absorb dissolved nitrates from soil and convert them into :
a.  Free nitrogen
b.  Urea
c.  Proteins
d.  Ammonia

9. Which of the following gases readily combines with the haemoglobin of the blood?
a.  Carbon monoxide
b.  Methene
c.  Oxygen
d.  Nitrogen dioxide

10. Human blood is a viscous fluid due to
a.  Platelets in plasma
b.  Proteins in blood
c.  RBC and WBC in blood

d.  Sodium in serum

1 – (C)
2 – (C)
3 – (C)
4 – (D)
5 – (B)
6 – (C)
7 – (D)
8 – (A)
9 – (A)
10 – (B)