Geometry Questions For SSC CGL 2017

Dear Readers, Here We are providing a quant Quiz of 15 Math questions in accordance with the syllabus of SSC CGL. Most of these Questions are Previous Year asked in SSC CGL. It will give you implicit idea of Math Question Paper of SSC CGL 2017.

Q1. Medians of a triangle are 18 cm, 24 cm and 30 cm. Find area of triangle?

(a) 216
(b) 288
(c) 882
(d) 828
Q2. In ∆ABC, AD, BE, CF are medians G is centroid. Total area of triangle ABC is 48 square unit. Which of the following is not true?
(a) ∆BGD = 8 unit^2
(b) ∆BGC = 16 unit^2
(c) □FGEA = 16 unit^2
(d) □FGDB = 12 unit^2
Q3. In a right angle ∆, ∠C = 90° AE and BD are two median of a ∆ABC meeting at F. The ratio of the area of ∆ABF and □FDCE.
(a) 1 : 1
(b) 2 : 1
(c) 1 : 2
(d) 3 : 1
Q4. In a ∆ABC, D and E are two points on the side BC such that they trisect the line BC. M and N are the two point on line AB and AC. ME || AC and ND || AB. The line ME and ND Intersect at O. Find (Area of ∆DOE + Area of □AMON)/(Area of ∆ABC)
(a) 1/3
(b) 1
(c) 1/6
(d) 3
Q5. If two medians BE and CF of a triangle ABC intersect each other at G and if BG = CG ∠BGC = 60°, BC = 8 cm then area of the triangle ABC is
(a) 96√3 cm^2
(b) 48√3 cm^2
(c) 48 cm^2
(d) 54√3 cm^2
Q6. In a triangle ABC, BE and CF are medians such that they intersect each other at right angle. BC = ? If AB= 5 cm, AC = 6 cm.
(a) 6(1/5)
(b) 61
(c) √5
(d) √(61/5)
Q7. Difference between the interior and exterior angles of regular polygon is 60°. The number of sides in the polygon is:
(a) 5
(b) 8
(c) 6
(d) 9
Q8. If a polygon has 54 diagonals, then the number of sides of the polygon is:
(a) 7
(b) 12
(c) 9
(d) 18
Q9. Two parallel chords of length 8 cm and 6 cm of a circle of radius 5 cm are on the same side of centre then find the distance of one chord from another chord.
(a) 4 cm
(b) 3 cm
(c) 1 cm
(d) 2 cm
Q10. R and r are the radius of two circles. If the distance between the centre of two circles is d, then length of direct common tangent of two circles is:
(a) √(r^2-d^2 )
(b) √(d^2-(R-r)^2 )
(c) √((R-r)^2-d^2 )
(d) √(R^2-d^2 )
Q11. ABCD is a square. F and E are mid points AB and BC respectively. Find ratio of shaded and Unshaded area.
(a) 3 : 5
(b) 1 : 5
(c) 5 : 3
(d) 5 : 2
Q12. In a regular polygon, the exterior and interior angles are in the ratio 1 : 4. The number of sides of the polygon is:
(a) 10
(b) 12
(c) 15
(d) 16
Q13. An exterior angle of a regular polygon is 72°, then sum of all the interior angles is:
(a) 360°
(b) 480°
(c) 520°
(d) 540°
Q14. Two parallel chord of length 30 cm and 16 cm are on opposite side of centre of circle of radius 17 cm then find distance of one chord from another chord.
(a) 20
(b) 21
(c) 22
(d) 23
Q15. A, B, C are three points on the circumference of a circle and if (AB) =(AC)=5√2cm and ∠BAC = 90°, find the radius.
(a) 10 cm 
(b) 5 cm 
(c) 20 cm 
(d) 15 cm 

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