Geography Quiz for SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, SSC CGL 2016 and Railways

Dear Readers, Today we are providing you a Chapterwise geography Quiz on(Earth in Space ) for SSC CGL 2016, SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC  CHSL, 

1. Which of the following is matched wrongly? 
I. 23 1/2° N latitude-Tropic of Cancer
II. 66 1/2° S latitude-Tropic of Capricorn 
III. 23 1/2° S latitude-Arctic Circle 
IV. 66 1/2° N latitude–Antarctic Circle 
(a) I
(b) II, Ill and IV 
(c) II and IV
(d) All of them
2. The North Pole is always in the light 
(a) from September 23 to March 21 
(b) from March 21 to September 23 
(c) from June 21 to December 22 
(d) on June 21 

3.Which of the following gives the constitution of the earth in the correct descending order of layers? 
(a) Atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, barysphere 
(b) Barysphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere 
(c) Hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, barysphere 
(d) None of the above

4.The inequality between day and night becomes greater, or more marked as one travels from ………. To……….
(a) poles, equator
(b) equator, poles 
(c) Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn 
(d) Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer 
5.London and St. Louis (in America) are 90° of longitude apart. Therefore 
(a) sunrise at London will be 3 hours earlier than at St. Louis 
(b) sunrise at London will be 3 hours later than at St. Louis. 
(c) sunset at London will be 6 hours later than at St. Louis. 
(d) sunset at London will be 6 hours earlier than at St. Louis 

6.If the earth’s axis were perpendicular to the plane of its orbit an: the circle of illumination would pass right through the poles, of the following would not happen? 
(a) Days and nights would be equal throughout the year. 
(b) No change of seasons will take place. 
(c) The North Pole will always be in the dark. 
(d) Nights are longer than days. 

7.Which of the statements as regards the consequences of the movement of the earth is not correct? 
(a) Revolution of the earth is the cause of the change of seasons
(b) Rotation of the earth is the cause of days and nights. 
(c) Rotation of the earth causes variation in the duration of day F and nights. 
(d) Rotation of the earth affects the movement of winds an ocean currents.

8.The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through 
(a) India
(b) Egypt
(c) Mexico
(d) Iran

9.Contours are the lines showing 
(a) places on earth of equal rainfall 
(b) places of same temperature 
(c) places on earth at the same altitude 
(d) None of these 

10.Regarding the earth’s composition it would not be true to say about one of the following? 
I. The crust is composed of heterogeneous rocks. 
II. The central nucleus is fluid. 
III. Below the crust the material is wholly solid. 
(a) I and III
(b) II and III 
(c) III
(d) All are right

Answers will be provided soon

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