Geography Quiz For SSC CHSL and RRB NTPC

Q1. Which of the following elements occurs the most abundantly in our universe?
(a) Hydrogen
(b) Oxygen
(c) Nitrogen
(d) Helium 

Q2. Two planets which have no natural satellites

(a) Earth and Uranus
(b) Mercury and Venus
(c) Mercury and Mars
(d) Venus and Mars
Q3. The Astronaut looks the sky in the space
(a) Blue
(b) Black
(c) Red
(d) White
Q4. The black part of the moon is always calm and dark which is called
(a) Sea of tranquility
(b) Ocean of storms
(c) Area of storms
(d) None of these
Q5. What is the most accurate description of the shape of the earth ?
(a) A circle
(b) A sphere
(c) A geoid
(d) An oblate spheroid
Q6. When the earth is at its maximum distance from the sun it is said to be in
(a) aphelion
(b) perihelion
(c) apogee
(d) perigee
Q7. Greenwich mean time is ––––––––––– IST.
(a) 5.5 hours ahead
(b) 12 hours ahead
(c) 4.5 hours behind
(d) 5.5 hours behind
Q8. What is the unit of measurement of distance between celestial bodies ?
(a) Nautical mile
(b) Statute mile
(c) Light year
(d) Kilometre
Q9. On the surface of the moon
(a) the mass of an object is more but it weighs lesser
(b) the mass and weight both remain unchanged
(c) the mass is the same but the weight is lesser
(d) the mass is more but the weight is lesser
 Q10. How much is the approximate time gap between two successive high tides ?
(a) 6 hours
(b) 9 hours
(c) 11.5 hours
(d) 12.5 hours
Q11. On which date is the earth in perihelion ?
(a) June 21
(b) Dec 22
(c) January 3
(d) July 4
Q12. The earth is in aphelion on
(a) June 21
(b) Dec. 22
(c) Sept. 23
(d) July 4
Q13. What is true about the equinox ?
(a) Vertical sun over the Tropic of Cancer
(b) Vertical sun over the Tropic of Capricorn
(c) Vertical sun over the equator
(d) Continuous day in the polar regions
Q14. The nuclear fuel in the Sun is
(a) Helium
(b) Hydrogen
(c) Oxygen
(d) Uranium
Q15.Layer of the sun is ..
(a) Chromosphere
(b) Photosphere
(c) lithosphere
(d) Both (a) and (b)


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