Geography Quiz For SSC CGL Exam : 21st January 2020 for Sullage and pollutant

Q1. A wide inlet of the sea usually concave in shape, is termed as a:
(a) Strait
(b) Sound
(c) Bay
(d) Fjord

Q2. Why is Rann of Kutch of India famous for?
(a) Tidal and flats
(b) Fertile soil
(c) Dense Vegetation
(d) All are correct

Q3. Sullage water is ______
(a) Waste water released from kitchen
(b) Waste water released from toilets
(c) Waste water released from factories
(d) Waste water released from hospitals

Q4. The biggest reserves of Thorium are in ____.
(a) China
(b) USA
(c) India
(d) France

Q5. The smallest island country in the Indian Ocean is ?
(a) Maldives
(b) Sri Lanka
(c) Mauritius
(d) Madagascar

Q6. What is Damodar Valley Corporation?
(a) Statutory body
(b) Municipal Corporation looking after Damodar Valley
(c) A private enterprise located in Bihar
(d) A non government organisation

Q7. Why is Carbon Monoxide a pollutant?
(a) Reacts with hemoglobin
(b) It inhibits glycolysis
(c) It reacts with Oxygen
(d) None of these

Q8. What is the position of the Earth when it is at the greatest distance from the sun?
(a) Aphelion
(b) Apogee
(c) Perihelion
(d) Perigee

Q9. Which of the following wind is blowing from the Mediterranean sea to the North Western parts of India?
(a) Western disturbances
(b) Norwesters
(c) Loo
(d) Mango showers

Q10. Which layer of the earth’s atmosphere contains the ozone layer?
(a) Troposphere
(b) Mesosphere
(c) Ionosphere
(d) Stratosphere


S1. Ans.(c)
Sol. A wide inlet of the sea usually concave in shape, is termed as a Bay.

S2. Ans.(a)
Sol.The Great Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh located in the Thar Desert in the Kutch District of Gujarat, India. It is famous for tidal and flats

S3. Ans.(a)
Sol. Sullage is all wastewater generated in kitchen households or office buildings from streams without fecal contamination, i.e. all streams except for the waste water from toilets.

S4. Ans.(c)
Sol. The biggest estimated reserve of Thorium are in India.

S5. Ans.(a)
Sol. The smallest island country in the Indian Ocean is Maldives.

S6. Ans.(a)
Sol. Damodar Valley Corporation is a statutory body. The corporation came into being on July 7, 1948 by an Act of the Constituent Assembly of India.

S7. Ans.(a)
Sol. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and toxic air pollutant. It is produced in the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels, such as gasoline, natural gas, oil, coal, and wood. Breathing the high concentrations of CO leads to reduced oxygen (O2) transport by hemoglobin.

S8. Ans.(a)
Sol.The aphelion is the point in the orbit of an object where it is farthest from the Sun.

S9. Ans.(a)
Sol. A Western Disturbance is an extratropical storm originating in the Mediterranean region that brings sudden winter rain to the northwestern parts of the Indian subcontinent.

S10. Ans.(d)
Sol. About 90% of the ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere is found in the region called the Stratosphere. This is the atmospheric layer between 16 and 48 kilometers (10 and 30 miles) above the Earth’s surface.


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