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Geography Quiz For SSC CGL EXAM 2017

Geography Quiz For SSC CGL EXAM 2017_40.1
Q1. Why are winters more severe in Southern hemisphere than in Northern hemisphere?
(a) Earth is tilted towards the Sun in the Northern hemisphere
(b) Northern hemisphere receives more sunlight
(c) Because of more iceberg activity in Southern hemisphere
(d) Southern hemisphere is less inhabited

Q2. Where are the hot deserts generally found?  
(a) On the Eastern margins of the tropics
(b) On the Western margins of the tropics
(c) Nearer the equator
(d) In the middle of the continents
Q3. The solar radiation coming to Earth is called
(a) radiant energy
(b) insolation
(c) sunshine
(d) terrestrial radiation
Q4. Mediterranean type of climate is characterised by 
(a) dry summer and wet winter
(b) wet summer and dry winter
(c) dry summer and dry winter
(d) wet summer and wet winter
Q5. Which of  the following is a landlocked sea?  
(a) Timor sea
(b) Arafura sea
(c) Greenland sea
(d) Aral sea
Q6. What happens to atmospheric pressure with increase in altitude?
(a) It remains constant
(b) It decrease
(c) It increase
(d) It constantly fluctuates
Q7. The deepest ocean of the world is  
(a) Atlantic Ocean
(b) Arctic Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean
(d) Pacific Ocean
Q8. The line on a map connecting points of equal temperature at a given time is
(a) isohyet
(b) isobar
(c) isthumus
(d) isotherm
Q9. Hanging valley is formed due to the action of
(a) glacier
(b) river
(c) ocean
(d) wind
Q10. The main cause of recurring flood is  
(a) soil erosion
(b) deforestation
(c) silting of river beds
(d) All of the above
Q11. Prime Meridian passes through  
(a) Greenwich
(b) Ujjain
(c) New York
(d) Tokyo
Q12. The upper layer of the earth’s mantle is known as
(a) Lithosphere
(b) Mesosphere
(c) Asthenosphere
(d) Barysphere
 Q13. What is meant by Isthmus?
(a) Mouth of a river where it joins the sea
(b) Narrow strip of water dividing two landmasses
(c) Narrow strip of land connecting two large areas of land
(d) None of above
Q14. The main source of usable water on the Earth is
(a) oceans
(b) Sea
(c) underground water
(d) precipitation
Q15. Atmospheric pressure exerted on Earth is due to
(a) rotation of Earth
(b) revolution of Earth
(c) gravitational pull
(d) uneven heating of Earth

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