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General Awareness Quiz For RRB NTPC : 21st December 2019

Q1. Which is the largest organ in human beings?
(a) Skin
(b) Large Intestine
(c) Small Intestine
(d) Liver

Q2. Delonix regia Rafin is the scientific name of –
(a) Banyan
(b) Gulmohar
(c) Tamarind
(d) Chiku

Q3. The process of pollination by birds is also known as –
(a) Hydrophily
(b) Entomophily
(c) Embryophily
(d) Ornithophily

Q4. Who was elected as the permanent President of the Muslim League in 1908 ?
(a) NawabSalimullah
(b) Syed Ahmad Khan
(c) Aga Khan
(d) Syed Amir Ali

Q5. Who founded the Satyagraha Ashram at Wardha?
(a) Gandhiji
(b) Jamanlal Bajaj
(c) JawaharLal Nehru
(d) JB Kripalani

Q6. The Governor-General was given power to issue ordinances by the act of
(a) 1858
(b) 1861
(c) 1860
(d) 1871

Q7. Which of the following is one of the causes for the passing of the Act of 1773?
(a) Failure of Double Government
(b) Success of Double Government
(c) Agitation in India
(d) Desire of the Indian Merchants

Q8. Pitt’s India Bill was introduced by ________ in 1784.
(a) Prime Minister Pitt
(b) Governor-General of India
(c) Senior Merchants
(d) East India Company

Q9. Who among the following Governor General created the Covenanted Civil Service of India which later came to be known as the Indian Civil Service?
(a) Warren Hastings
(b) Wellesley
(c) Cornwallis
(d) William Bentinck

Q10.Under which article, President of India can proclaim constitutional emergency?
(a) Article 32
(b) Article 349
(c) Article 356
(d) Article 360


Sol. The skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about 20 square feet. The skin protects us from microbes and the elements, helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold.

Sol. Delonix regia Rafin is the scientific name of Gulmohar.

S3. Ans.(d)
Sol. Ornithophily or bird pollination is the pollination of flowering plants by birds.

Sol. Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah (Aga Khan III) was appointed the first Honorary President of the Muslim League. The headquarters were established at Lucknow.

Sol. Jamanlal Bajaj founded the Satyagraha Ashram at Wardha in 1921.

Sol. The Indian Councils Act 1861 was passed by British Parliament in 1861 to make substantial changes in the composition of the Governor General’s council for executive & legislative purposes. The most significant feature of this Act was the association of Indians with the legislation work.

Sol. The key objectives of the Regulating Act of 1773 included addressing the problem of management of company in India address the problem of dual system of governance instituted by Lord Clive to control the company, which had morphed from a business entity to a semi-sovereign political entity.

Sol. Pitt’s India Act (1784), named for the British prime minister William Pitt the Younger, established the dual system of control by the British government and the East India Company, by which the company retained control of commerce and day-to-day administration.

Sol. Charles Cornwallis is known as ‘the father of civil service in India’. Cornwallis introduced two divisions of the Indian Civil service—covenanted and uncovenanted. The covenanted civil service consisted of only Europeans (i.e., British personnel) occupying the higher posts in the government..

S10. Ans.(c)
Sol. Underarticle 356, its Provisions allow President to proclaim constitutional emergency in case of failure of constitutional machinery in States.

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