General Awareness Questions for SSC CPO & Railway Exam 2018: 10th April

Dear Readers, GA section is taken on the light note but plays a vital role in achieving the score required to cross the cut off marks.We are providing important Static GK for this, it will help you to score good in GA section if you regularly follow the contents provided on sscadda website and adda247 app regarding general knowledge important questions.We wish you the best wishes for all the upcoming exams.

Q1. The length of a word in computer is measured in
कंप्यूटर में शब्द की लंबाई _________ में मापी जाती है
(a) Meter/ मीटर
(b) Byte/ बाइट
(c) Bit/ बिट
(d) Millimeter/ मिलीमीटर

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S1. Ans.(c)
Sol.A bit (short for binary digit) is the smallest unit of data in a computer. A bit has a single binary value, either 0 or 1. Modern processors, including embedded systems, usually have a word size of 8, 16, 24, 32, or 64 bits, while modern general purpose computers usually use 32 or 64 bits.

Q2. Who invented E­Mail? 
E­Mail का अविष्कार किसने किया? 
(a) Tim Berners­Lee / टिम बर्नर्स ली
(b) James Gosling / जेम्स गोसलिंग
(c) Vinton Cerf / विनटन सर्फ
(d) VA Shiva Ayyadurai/ वीए शिवा अयादुरै

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S2. Ans.(d)
Sol.V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai is an Indian-born American scientist and entrepreneur. Ayyadurai is notable for his controversial claim to be the “inventor of email”, based on the electronic mail software called “EMAIL” he wrote as a New Jersey high school student in the late 1970s.

Q3. Which of the following is also used as a Bio fertilizer?
निम्नलिखित में से किसे जैव उर्वरक के रूप में भी प्रयोग किया जाता है?
(a) Urea/ यूरिया
(b) Ammonia/ अमोनिया
(c) Uric Acid/ यूरिक अम्ल
(d) Nitrates/ नाइट्रेट्स

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S3. Ans.(b)
Sol.Nitrogen fertilizer is often synthesized using the Haber-Bosch process, which produces ammonia. This ammonia is then used to produce other compounds (notably anhydrous ammonium nitrate and urea) which can be applied to fields.

Q4. Which one of the following is an insectivorous plant?
निम्नलिखित में से कौन एक कीटभक्षी पौधा है?
(a) Utricularia/ उट्रिकुलारिया
(b) Sequoia Gigantia/ सेक्वाया गिगांटेआ
(c) Nostoc/ नोस्टॉक
(d) Bryophyta/ ब्राएफायेटा

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S4. Ans.(a)
Sol.Utricularia, commonly and collectively called the bladderworts, is a genus of carnivorous plants consisting of approximately 233 species They occur in fresh water and wet soil as terrestrial or aquatic species across every continent except Antarctica.

Q5. ______________ is a multibranched polysaccharide of glucose that serves as a form of energy storage in animals and fungi.
______________ ग्लूकोस का एक बहु-शाखा पॉलीसेकेराइड है जो कि जानवरों और कवक में ऊर्जा भंडार का एक रूप है.
(a) Cellulose/ सेलूलोज़
(b) Glycogen/ ग्लाइकोजन
(c) Pectin/ पेक्टिन
(d) Chitin/ काइटिन

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S5. Ans.(b)
Sol.Glycogen is a large, branched polysaccharide that is the main storage form of glucose in animals and humans. Glycogen is as an important energy reservoir; when energy is required by the body, glycogen in broken down to glucose, which then enters the glycolytic or pentose phosphate pathway or is released into the bloodstream. Glycogen is also an important form of glucose storage in fungi and bacteria.

Q6. Which of the following gas leaked in the Bhopal Gas tragedy in December 1984?
दिसंबर 1984 में भोपाल गैस त्रासदी में निम्न में से कौन सी गैस लीक हुई थी?
(a) Methyl isocyanate/ मिथाइल आइसोसाइनेट
(b) Methyl isochlorate/ मिथाइल आइसो क्लोरेट
(c) Methyl Phosphate/ मिथाइल फास्फेट
(d) Methyl Isopropate/ मिथाइल आइसोप्रोपेट

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S6. Ans.(a)
Sol.The Bhopal disaster or Bhopal gas tragedy was an industrial accident. It happened at a Union Carbide subsidiary pesticide plant in the city of Bhopal, India. On the night of 2-3 December 1984, the plant released 42 tonnes of toxic methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas, exposing more than 500,000 people to toxic gases.

Q7. ________ is used for making vinegar.
________ का उपयोग सिरका बनाने के लिए किया जाता है.
(a) Tartaric acid/ टारटरिक एसिड
(b) Malic acid/ मेलिक एसिड
(c) Oxalic acid/ ऑक्सालिक एसिड
(d) Acetic acid/ असेटिक एसिड

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S7. Ans.(d)
Sol.Acetic acid is a chemical reagent for the production of chemical compounds. The largest single use of acetic acid is in the production of vinyl acetate monomer, closely followed by acetic anhydride and ester production. The volume of acetic acid used in vinegar is comparatively small.

Q8. Who built Shantiniketan?
शांतिनिकेतन का निर्माण किसने किया?
(a) Guru Ramdas/ गुरु रामदास
(b) Maharaja Pratap Singh/ महाराजा प्रताप सिंह
(c) Rabindra Nath Tagore/ रविंद्रनाथ टैगोर
(d) British Govt/ ब्रिटिश सरकार

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S8. Ans.(c)
Sol.Shantiniketan (Santiniketôn) is a small town near Bolpur in the Birbhum district of West Bengal, India, approximately 180 km north of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). It was established by Maharshi Devendranath Tagore, and later expanded by his son Rabindranath Tagore whose vision became what is now a university town, Visva-Bharati University.

Q9. The language in which Buddha preached?
बुद्ध ने किस भाषा में प्रचार किया था?
(a) Hindi/ हिंदी
(b) Urdu/ उर्दू
(c) Pali/ पाली
(d) Hebrew/ हि‍ब्रू

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S9. Ans.(c)
Sol.After attaining enlightenment at Bodh Gaya the Buddha went to Sarnath; and it was here that he preached his first discourse in the deer park to set in motion the ‘Wheel of the Dharma’. Pali or Magadhan is a Prakrit language native to the Indian subcontinent. It is widely studied because it is the language of much of the earliest extant literature of Buddhism as collected in the Pāli.

Q10. The law of demand states that
मांग का नियम बताते हैं कि-
(a) if the price of a good increases, the demand for that good decreases./ यदि वस्तु की कीमत में बढ़ोतरी होती है, वस्तु की मांग में कमी आएगी.
(b) if the price of a good increases, the the demand for that good increases./ यदि वस्तु की कीमत में बढ़ोतरी होती है, वस्तु की मांग में बढ़ोतरी होगी.
(c) if the price of a good increases, the quantity demanded of that good decreases./ यदि वस्तु की कीमत में बढ़ोतरी होती है, वस्तु की मांग की मात्रा में कमी आएगी.
(d) if the price of a good increases, the quantity demanded of that good increases./ यदि वस्तु की कीमत में बढ़ोतरी होती है, वस्तु की मांग की मात्रा में वृद्धि आएगी.

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S10. Ans.(c)
Sol.The law of demand states that quantity purchased varies inversely with price. In other words, the higher the price, the lower the quantity demanded. The reason for this phenomenon is that consumers’ opportunity cost increases, so they must give something else up or switch to a substitute product.

Q11. Major portion of the earth’s crust is mainly constituted by
पृथ्वी की सतह का मुख्य भाग मुख्य रूप से _________ से निर्मित है.
(a) Oxygen and Iron/ ऑक्सीजन और आयरन
(b) Oxygen and Silicon/ ऑक्सीजन और सिलिकॉन
(c) Silicon and Iron/ सिलिकॉन और आयरन
(d) Silicon and Aluminum/ सिलिकॉन और एल्यूमिनियम

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S11. Ans.(b)
Sol. The planet is made up of three main shells: the very thin, brittle crust, the mantle and the core. The core forms only 15 percent of the Earth’s volume, whereas the mantle occupies 84 percent. The crust makes up the remaining 1 percent.

Q12. Cinnabar is an ore/mineral of
सिंगरिफ एक अयस्क/खनिज है-
(a) Lead/ लेड
(b) Manganese / मैंगनीज
(c) Molybdenum / मोलिब्डेनम
(d) Mercury / पारा

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S12. Ans.(d)
Sol.Cinnabar is a toxic mercury sulfide mineral with a chemical composition of HgS. It is the only important ore of mercury. It has a bright red color that has caused people to use it as a pigment and carve it into jewelry and ornaments for thousands of years in many parts of the world.

Q13. Who played the lead character in the movie “Bandit Queen”?
फिल्म “बैंडिट क्वीन” में मुख्य भूमिका किसने निभाई?
(a) Rupa Ganguly/ रूपा गांगुली
(b) Sangeeta Mahapatra/ संगीता महापात्र
(c) Seema Biswas/ सीमा बिस्वास
(d) Sonali Saha/ सोनाली साहा

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S13. Ans.(c)
Sol.Seema Biswas is an Indian film and theatre actress from Assam who shot into prominence with the role of Phoolan Devi in Shekhar Kapur’s film Bandit Queen (1994).Biswas won the 1996 National Film Award for Best Actress for her role in the film Bandit Queen.

Q14. If a star is bigger than Sun, but not more than twice as big, it will turn into a _______.
यदि एक तारा सूर्य से बड़ा है, लेकिन दोगुना बड़ा नहीं है, तो यह एक _______ में परिवर्तित हो जाएगा.
(a) Pulsar/ पलसर
(b) Maxima/ मैक्सिमा
(c) Avenger/ एवेंजर
(d) Discover/ डिस्कवर

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S14. Ans.(a)
Sol.Most neutron stars are observed as pulsars. Pulsars are rotating neutron stars observed to have pulses of radiation at very regular intervals that typically range from milliseconds to seconds. Pulsars have very strong magnetic fields which funnel jets of particles out along the two magnetic poles. These accelerated particles produce very powerful beams of light. Often, the magnetic field is not aligned with the spin axis, so those beams of particles and light are swept around as the star rotates. When the beam crosses our line-of-sight, we see a pulse – in other words, we see pulsars turn on and off as the beam sweeps over Earth.

Q15. Name the largest desert of Asia
एशिया का सबसे बड़े रेगिस्तान का नाम बताएं.
(a) Thar/ थार
(b) Gobi/ गोबी
(c) Takla Makan/ तक्लामाकन
(d) Karakum/ काराकुम

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S15. Ans.(b)
Sol.The Gobi Desert is a large desert region in Asia. It covers parts of northern and northwestern China, and of southern Mongolia.

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