General Awareness Questions for SSC & Railway Exam 2018: 18th January

Dear Readers, GA section is taken on the light note but plays a vital role in achieving the score required to cross the cut off marks.We are providing important General Awareness Questions for this, it will help you to score good in GA section if you regularly follow the contents provided on scaffold website and adda247 app regarding general knowledge important questions.We wish you the best wishes for all the upcoming exams.

Q1. Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany in- एडोल्फ हिटलर को जर्मनी का चांसलर किस वर्ष नियुक्त किया गया था?

(a) 1933
(b) 1935
(c) 1930
(d) 1936

Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945.

Q2. __________ is the 2018 Oscar Winner for Best Foreign Language Film. __________ फिल्म सर्वश्रेष्ठ विदेशी भाषा फिल्म के लिए 2018 की ऑस्कर विजेता है.

(a) The Salesman
(b) A Fantastic Woman
(c) Mustang
(d) A War

A Fantastic Woman has won the Oscar for best foreign language film at the 90th Academy Awards.

Q3. How many seats in the Rajya Sabha are from Madhya Pradesh? राज्यसभा में मध्य प्रदेश की कितनी सीटें हैं?

(a) 10
(b) 15
(c) 11
(d) 9

Madhya Pradesh have 11 members in Rajya Sabha and they are indirectly elected by the state legislators of Madhya Pradesh.

Q4. Mirabai Chanu received the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award for which sport in India? मीराबाई चानू को भारत में किस खेल के लिए राजीव गांधी खेल रत्न पुरस्कार मिला?

(a) Weightlifting/ भारोत्तोलन
(b) Billiards/ बिलियर्ड्स
(c) Boxing/ मुक्केबाज़ी
(d) Chess/ शतरंज

Mirabai Chanu received the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in Weightlifting.

Q5. Arya Samaj was founded by- आर्य समाज किस के द्वारा स्थापित किया गया था?

(a) Swami Vivekanand/स्वामी विवेकानंद
(b) Swami Dayanand Saraswati/स्वामी दयानंद सरस्वती
(c) Sachidanand/सचिदानंद
(d) Swami Narayan/स्वामी नारायण

Arya Samaj is an Indian Hindu reform movement that promotes values and practices based on the belief in the infallible authority of the Vedas. The samaj was founded by the sannyasi Dayananda Saraswati on 7 April 1875.

Q6. Which state has smallest land area? किस राज्य में सबसे छोटा भूमि क्षेत्र है?

(a) Kerala/केरला
(b) Madhya Pradesh/मध्य प्रदेश
(c) Goa/गोवा
(d) Assam/असम

Goa is a state in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea.

Q7. Which country is the leading producer of Gold? कौन सा देश सोने का प्रमुख उत्पादक है?

(a) Australia/ऑस्ट्रेलिया
(b) China/चाइना
(c) USA/ संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका
(d) Japan/जापान

China produces more gold than any other country in the world, followed by Australia, Russia, and the United States.

Q8. The Permanent settlement system was introduced by- स्थायी निपटान प्रणाली किस के द्वारा शुरू की गई थी?

(a) Lord Dalhousie/ लॉर्ड डलहौजी
(b) Lord Lytton/ लॉर्ड लिटन
(c) Lord Hastings/ लॉर्ड हेस्टिंग्स
(d) Lord Cornwallis/ लॉर्ड कार्नवालिस

Permanent settlement was introduced in 1793 by Lord Cornwallis and covered around one fifth of British territory in India, including Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, parts of Northern Karnataka, Varanasi and some other areas.

Q9. Who invented the first printing press? पहला प्रिंटिंग प्रेस का आविष्कार किसने किया था?

(a) Johannes Gutenberg/ जोहान्स गुटेनबर्ग
(b) Arthur Pitney/ आर्थर पिटनी
(c) Fritz Pfleumer/ फ्रिट्ज पफ्यूमिरर
(d) Stephen Perry/ स्टीफन पेरी

Invented around 1439, Gutenberg's movable type printing press initiated nothing less than a revolution in print technology.

Q10. The process of pollination by birds is also known as पक्षियों द्वारा परागण की प्रक्रिया को और क्या कहा जाता है?

(a) Hydrophily/ हाइड्रोफिली
(b) Entomophily/एन्तोमोफिली
(c) Embryophily/एम्ब्र्योफिली
(d) Ornithophily/ ओर्निथोफिली

Ornithophily or bird pollination is the pollination of flowering plants by birds.

Q11. Which among the following has the lowest population density? निम्नलिखित में से किसका जनसंख्या घनत्व सबसे कम है?

(a) Arunachal Pradesh/आंध्र प्रदेश
(b) Madhya Pradesh/मध्य प्रदेश
(c) Delhi/दिल्ली
(d) Maharashtra/महाराष्ट्र

The state of Arunachal Pradesh has the lowest record of population density having just 17 per square kilometre.

Q12. Nalanda Mahavihara site is in नालंदा महाविहार स्थल कहाँ स्थित है?

(a) Rajasthan/राजस्थान
(b) Assam/असम
(c) Bihar/बिहार
(d) Gujarat/गुजरात

Nalanda was a Mahavihara, a large Buddhist monastery, in the ancient kingdom of Magadha (modern-day Bihar) in India.

Q13. The goods which people consume more, when their price rises are called _______. वह वस्तुएं जिनकी कीमत बढ़ने के बाद लोग अधिक उपयोग करता है , उन्हें _______ कहा जाता है?

(a) Essential goods/ आवश्यक वस्तुएं
(b) Capital goods/ पूंजीगत वस्तुएं
(c) Inferior goods/ निम्नस्तरीय वस्तुएँ
(d) Giffen goods/गिफ्फिन वस्तुएं

A Giffen good, in economic theory, is a good that is in greater demand as its price increases.

Q14. Banana freckle is a plant disease. It is caused by a केला फ्रेक्ल एक पौधे की बीमारी है. यह किसके कारण होता है

(a) Virus/ वाइरस
(b) Fungus/ कवक
(c) Bacteria/ जीवाणु
(d) Insect/ कीट

Banana Freckle is a disease caused by the fungus Guignardia musae (telomorph) or Phyllosticta musarum (anamorph).

Q15. Which of the following Indian chilly is considered one of the hottest in the world? निम्नलिखित में से किस भारतीय मिर्च को दुनिया में सबसे गर्म माना जाता है?

(a) Bhut Jolokia/ भुत जोलोकिया
(b) Bhut Mahabora/ भूट महाबोरा
(c) Lal Chitin/ लाल चिटिन
(d) Lal Shamak/ लाल शामक

The Bhut Jolokia (also known as Naga Jolokia, Ghost Chili, Ghost Pepper, Naga Morich) is a chilli pepper originating in Assam, India, that has earned Guiness World Records' recognition as the World's Hottest Chilli Pepper.It is an interspecific hybrid chili pepper cultivated in the Northeast Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.


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