General Awareness Questions for SSC & Railway Exam 2018: 8th May

Dear Readers, GA section is taken on the light note but plays a vital role in achieving the score required to cross the cut off marks.We are providing important Static GK for this, it will help you to score good in GA section if you regularly follow the contents provided on sscadda website and adda247 app regarding general knowledge important questions.We wish you the best wishes for all the upcoming exams.

Q1. East India Company was established in ________.
ईस्ट इंडिया कंपनी की स्थापना ________ में हुई थी.
(a) 1400
(b) 1500
(c) 1600
(d) 1700

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Sol.The company received a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth I on 31 December 1600, coming relatively late to trade in the Indies.

Q2. Who was the eldest brother among the Pandavas?
पांडवों के बीच सबसे बड़ा भाई कौन था?
(a) Yudhishthira/ युधिष्ठिर
(b) Bhima/ भीम
(c) Sahadeva/ सहदेव
(d) Nakula/ नकुल

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Sol.In the Mahabharata, a Hindu epic text, the Pandavas are the five acknowledged sons of Pandu, by his two wives Kunti and Madri, who was the princess of Madra. Their names are Yudhishthira, Bhiman, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva.

Q3. __________ is the 2017 Oscar Winner for Best Actress.
__________ सर्वश्रेष्ठ अभिनेत्री के लिए 2017 ऑस्कर विजेता है.
(a) Emma Stone/ एम्मा स्टोन
(b) Cate Blanchett/ केट ब्लेन्चेट
(c) Jennifer Lawrence/ जेनिफर लॉरेंस
(d) Charlotte Rampling/ शार्लोट रैमप्लिंग

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Sol.Emma Stone cinched her immovable spot in Hollywood history by winning the 2017 Best Actress Oscar for her performance in La La Land, the critically beloved movie-musical homage to dreamers and Old Hollywood.

Q4. If an object is thrown upwards, what will be its velocity, when it reaches its maximum height?
यदि कोई वस्तु ऊपर की ओर फेंकी जाती है, तो अधिकतम ऊंचाई पर पहुचने पर इसका वेग क्या होगा?
(a) 0 m/s
(b) 4.9 m/s
(c) 14.7 m/s
(d) 20 m/s

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Sol.In projectile motion, horizontal velocity never changes. But vertical velocity keeps decreasing as the object rises, and ultimately reaches zero at maximum height.

Q5. During an emergency all of the following fundamental rights are suspended, except
आपातकाल के दौरान निम्नलिखित में से किसे छोड़कर सभी मौलिक अधिकारों निलंबित कर दिया गया है
(a) freedom of association/ संघ की स्वतंत्रता
(b) freedom of speech and expression/ भाषण और अभिव्यक्ति की स्वतंत्रता
(c) personal liberty/ व्यक्तिगत स्वतंत्रता
(d) freedom of assembly without arms/ हथियारों के बिना असेंबली की स्वतंत्रता

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Sol.During a national emergency, many Fundamental Rights of Indian citizens can be suspended. The six freedoms under Right to Freedom are automatically suspended. By contrast, the Right to Life and Personal Liberty cannot be suspended according to the original Constitution. 

Q6. From which of the following are the Fundamental duties adopted?
निम्नलिखित में से किस संविधान से मौलिक कर्तव्यों को अपनाया गया है?
(a) French Constitution/ फ्रेंच संविधान
(b) Indian Constitution/ भारतीय संविधान
(c) Spanish Constitution/ स्पेनिश संविधान
(d) USSR Constitution/ यूएसएसआर संविधान

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Sol.Fundamental Duties : Part IVA (Article 51A) Fundamental duties were added by 42nd and 86th Constitutional Amendment acts. As of now there are 11 Fundamental duties. Citizens are morally obligated by the Constitution to perform these duties. 

Q7. “Sultan Johor Cup” is associated with ______.
“सुल्तान जोहोर कप” ______ से जुड़ा हुआ है.
(a) Hockey/ हॉकी
(b) Cricket/ क्रिकेट
(c) Football/ फ़ुटबॉल
(d) Golf/ गोल्फ़

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Sol.The Sultan of Johor Cup is an annual, international under–21 men’s field hockey tournament held in Malaysia.

Q8. Who wrote the book, ‘Indian Home Rule’?
‘Indian Home Rule’ के लेखक कौन हैं?
(a) M K Gandhi/ एम के गांधी
(b) Jawaharlal Nehru/ जवाहर लाल नेहरू
(c) Subhash Chandra Bose/ सुभाष चंद्र बोस
(d) Babasaheb Ambedkar/ बाबासाहेब अम्बेडकर

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Sol.Indian Home Rule or Hind Swaraj is a political booklet written by Mohandas K. Gandhi in the early 20th century.

Q9. The first chairman of Planning Commission was?
योजना आयोग का पहला अध्यक्ष कौन था?
(a) Sardar vallabh bhai Patel/ सरदार वल्लभ भाई पटेल
(b) Rajender Prasad/ राजेंद्र प्रसाद
(c) Jwahar Lal Nehru/ जवाहर लाल नेहरू
(d) Moti Lal Nehru/ मोती लाल नेहरू

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Sol.The Planning Commission was an institution in the Government of India, which formulated India’s Five-Year Plans, among other functions.

Q10. Which one of the following is a land locked sea?
निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा भूमि से घिरा हुआ समुद्र है?
(a) Caribbean Sea/ कैरिबियन सागर
(b) Aral Sea/ अराल सागर
(c) Red Sea/ लाल सागर
(d) South China Sea/ दक्षिण चीन सागर

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Sol.The Aral Sea was an endorheic lake lying between Kazakhstan (Aktobe and Kyzylorda Regions) in the north and Uzbekistan (Karakalpakstan autonomous region) in the south.

Q11. Maximum strength of Rajya Sabha-
राज्य सभा की अधिकतम क्षमता-
(a) 260
(b) 250
(c) 210
(d) 150

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Sol.The Rajya Sabha or Council of States is the upper house of the Parliament of India. Membership of Rajya Sabha is limited by the Constitution to a maximum of 250 members, and current laws have provision for 245 members.

Q12. The Chairman of UPSC appointed by?
यूपीएससी के अध्यक्ष को किसके द्वारा नियुक्त किया जाता है?
(a) Chief Minister of India/ भारत के मुख्यमंत्री
(b) President/ राष्ट्रपति
(c) Members of both the houses / दोनों सदनों के सदस्य

(d) Election Commissioner of India/ भारत के निर्वाचन आयुक्त

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Sol.The Commission consists of a chairman and other members appointed by The President of India. Usually, the Commission consists of 9 to 11 members including the chairman. Every member holds office for a term of six years or until he attains the age of sixty-five years, whichever is earlier.

Q13. First general elections were held in which year?
पहले आम चुनाव किस वर्ष आयोजित किए गए थे?
(a) 1922
(b) 1940
(c) 1955
(d) 1951

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Sol.The first general elections were held between October 25, 1951 and March 27, 1952.

Q14. The first woman to scale the Mount Everest?
माउंट एवरेस्ट को मापने वाली पहली महिला?
(a) Bachhendri Pal/ बचेंद्री पाल
(b) Arunima Sinha/ अरुणिमा सिन्हा
(c) Premlata Aggarwal/ प्रीमलता अग्रवाल
(d) Malavath Purna/ मालवथ पूर्ण

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Sol.Bachendri Pal is an Indian mountaineer, who in 1984 became the first Indian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Q15. Who pioneered Khilafat Movement?
खिलाफत आंदोलन का संचालन किसने किया?
(a) Sayyed Brothers/ सय्यद ब्रदर्स
(b) Mahatama Gandhi/ महात्मा गांधी
(c) Ali Brothers/ अली ब्रदर्स
(d) Maulana Azad/ मौलाना आजाद

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Sol.The Khilafat movement (1919-1924) was an agitation by Indian Muslims allied with Indian nationalism in the years following World War I.

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