Gate Way To CGL Mains : Biology Quiz

1. Father of Biology is—
(A) De Candolle 
(B) Hooker
(C) Linnaeus 
(D) Aristotle

2. For entry in gene pool, a mutation occur in—
(A) Somatic cells 
(B) Germ cells
(C) Plasma proteins 
(D) Somatic DNA
3. Vessels diffier from tracheids—
(A) In being living
(B) In being derived from a single cell
(C) In having vertical row of cells and their cross wall dissolved
(D) Because they conduct water
4. Which one is true nut ?
(A) Walnut 
(B) Cashewnut
(C) Groundnut 
(D) Coconut
5. After transcription, the mRNA molecule—
(A) Disintegrates
(B) Moves into cytoplasm
(C) Replicates itself
(D) Reassociates to form its structure
6.  which part is edible of Lichi —
(A) Aril 
(B) Entire fruit
(C) fleshy thalamus
(D) Mesocarp
7. The branch that deals with the plants studies in the geological past is called—
(A) Pteridology 
(B) Palaeobotany
(C) Neurology 
(D) Archaeology
8. Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany is situated at—
(A) Allahabad 
(B) Delhi
(C) Mumbai 
(D) Lucknow
9. In Birds, largest egg is found in—
(A) Ostrich 
(B) Hawk
(C) Pinus
(D) Pigeon
10. Which one of the following is an example of symbiosis ?
(A) Utricularia 
(B) Agaricus
(C) Lichen 
(D) Mango
1- (A)
2- (B)
3- (C)
4- (B)
5- (B)
6- (A)
7- (B)
8- (D) 
9- (A)