Gate Way To CGL Mains : Biology Quiz

1. The first juvenile larva of Ascaris is known as—
(A) Filiform larva
(B) Rhabditiform larva
(C) Miracidium larva
(D) Microfilariae

2. Chromosomes contain—
(A) Protein only
(B) DNA and protein
(C) DNA, RNA and histone
(D) DNA, RNA, histone and non-histone proteins
3. Which are phagocytes in liver ?
(A) Kupffer cells 
(B) Aciner cells
(C) Diter cells 
(D) Hensen’s cells
4. Termites digest wood with the help of an enzyme secreted by the—
(A) Salivary glands
(B) Cells in the midgut
(C) Symbiotic protozoa
(D) Bacteria and fungi outside the body
5. In honeybee colony the drones are produced by—
(A) Fertilized eggs
(B) Unfertilized eggs
(C) Larvae fed upon leaves
(D) Fasting larvae
6. Jacobson’s organ is concerned with—
(A) Smell 
(B) Burrowing
(C) Touch 
(D) Vision
7. Body organisation in Hydra is of—
(A) Tissue grade
(B) Organ grade
(C) Cellular grade
(D) Organ system grade
8. Leech obtains continuous blood flow from its victim by pouring in it—
(A) Heparin 
(B) Hirudin
(C) Insulin 
(D) Pepsin
9. Spicules of Sponges are formed by—
(A) Procytes 
(B) Pinacocytes
(C) Scleroblasts 
(D) Thesocytes
10. Heterocoelous centrum is a characteristics of—
(A) Amphibia 
(B) Reptilia
(C) Birds 
(D) Mammalia
1- (B)
2- (B)
3- (A)
4- (C)
5- (B)
6- (A)
7- (A)
8- (B) 
9- (B)