Gate Way To CGL Mains : Biology Quiz

1. The name ‘polytene chromosome’ suggested by—
(A) E.G. Balbiani 
(B) Kollar
(C) Heitz 
(D) Bauer

2. Centriole is found in—
(A) Animal cells 
(B) Red algae
(C) Prokaryotes 
(D) Flowering plants
3. The fresh water sponge is—
(A) Spongella 
(B) Grantia
(C) Euplectella
(D) Euspongia
4. Flame cells are related with—
(A) Excretory system
(B) Digestive system
(C) Circulatory system
(D) Respiratory system
5. The intermediate host in the life cycle of F. hepatica (Liver fluke) is—
(A) Sheep 
(B) Snail
(C) Man 
(D) Bird
6. Two-pigment system theory of photosynthesis was proposed by—
(A) Hill Emerson 
(B) Emerson
(C) Blackmann 
(D) Hatch and Slack
7. Photosynthetic pigments in chloroplast are embedded in membrane of—
(A) Thylakoids
(B) Photoglobin
(C) Matrix
(D) Envelope of chloroplast
8. The rate of photosynthesis is maximum in—
(A) Green light 
(B) Blue light
(C) Red light 
(D) White light
9. All energy is trapped in pigment system-1 in—
(A) ATP 
(B) Carbohydrate
(C) NADH2 
(D) P-700
10. How many ATP molecules are produced, as a net gain, during the complete breakdown of glucose ?
(A) 36 
(B) 28
(C) 12 
(D) 18

1- (A)
2- (A)
3- (A)
4- (A)
5- (B)
6- (B)
7- (A)
8- (C) 
9- (D)