Gate Way To CGL Mains 2015 : Biology Quiz

1. Which of the following is a ‘club moss’ ?
(A) Selaginella
(B) Equisetum
(C) Lycopodium
(D) None of these

2. Raphe in Marsilea is present in—
(A) Female gametophyte
(B) Sporocarp
(C) Sporophyte
(D) Male gametophyte
3. The stele type occurring in Marsilea is—
(A) Solenostele
(B) Protostele
(C) Amphiphloic Siphonostele
(D) All of these
4. The morphological nature of rhizophore of Selaginella is—
(A) Root like
(B) Stem like
(C) Both root and stem like
(D) Rhizoid like
5. The Selaginella shows—
(A) Large and small leaves arranged spirally
(B) All leaves large
(C) All leaves small
(D) All of these
6. The anatomy of Pinus needle reflects the features of a—
(A) Mesophyte 
(B) Xerophyte
(C) Hydrophyte 
(D) Epiphyte
7. Girdling leaf traces are the characteristic feature of the stem of—
(A) Cycas 
(B) Pinus
(C) Ephedra 
(D) Gnetum
8. Pinus is a—
(A) Tree 
(B) Shrub
(C) Herb 
(D) None of these
9. The recent era is—
(A) Cenozoic 
(B) Mesozoic
(C) Proterozoic 
(D) Archeozoic
10. Fossils are found in—
(A) Igneous rocks 
(B) Quartz
(C) Soil 
(D) Sedimentary rocks
1- (C)
2- (B)
3- (C)
4- (C)
5- (A)
6- (B)
7- (A)
8- (A)
9- (A)
10- (D)