General Knowledge Questions Asked In SSC CPO 2020 Tier 1 : All Shifts | 100+ Questions

What are the questions asked in the SSC CPO Tier 1 exam from the General Awareness section? Staff Selection Commission is conducting the SSC CPO examination for selecting the eligible candidates for the recruitment of Sub-Inspectors and Assistant Sub-Inspectors. SSCADDA has already provided the analysis for the SSC CPO Tier 1 exam held on 23rd, 24th & 25th November but what are the questions asked in the exam? Aspirants who are yet to appear in the upcoming shifts must be looking forward to getting acquainted with the questions as that will help them in knowing the type of questions to be asked by the SSC. Now, we are providing you with the General Awareness question which was asked on 23rd And 24th November in different shifts of the SSC CPO 2020 Tier 1 examination.

1) When did Afghanistan become a member of SAARC?
2) How much budget is allotted to the Education Sector In Budget 2020?
3) When Namami Gange Project launched?
4) Who was the President when Rajiv Gandhi was prime minister?
5) Who won the first individual gold medal for India in the Olympics?
6) Which bird makes a sound of another bird to steal its food?
7) Author of book Suheldev And the Battle of Bahraich?
8) Which of the following is a dam that is in Jharkhand?
9) Which is the site of Harappan civilization located in Rajasthan?
10) Who is the writer of the short story named Shatranj Ke Khiladi?
11) Protection of monuments, places, and objects of national importance is illustrated in which article?
12) Who was the first Indian to win the Pulitzer Award?
13) Who won the 55th jnanpith award?
14) What causes polio?
15) Marcopolo belonged from which country?
16) Bhand Pather is a folk dance of which state?
17) When did Project Elephant Launched?
18) Atomic Number of Einsteinium?
19) Penalty Corner is a term of which of the following sport?
20) Chittagong harbor is situated in which country?
21) Which of the following is not awarded by Bharat Ratan?
22) When was the name of NREGA is changed to MGNREGA?
23) Which of the following state shares border form three sides (North , South and west) with Bangladesh?
24) Mark for quality authentication of food products?
25) Which of these presidents has also been the Labor Minister of India?
26) Which of the following article is related to the Right to education?
27) With which hand does Smriti Mandhana bowl?
28) Which of the following mountain peak is not in Nepal?
29) Conjunctivitis diseases is related to which of the following body parts?
30) Study of Spiders is called?
31) Convert 36-degree F into Degree C?
32) Which of the following mosque is built using black marbles?
33) From which European country Greco Buddhist Art is taken?
34) Who has developed a technique called hydrothermal carbonization by which energy can be generated from solid waste with high moisture?
35) What is the full form of T in OTCT?
36) When did Gandhiji returned to India from South Africa?
37) Who is the author of A Better India: A Better World?
38) Which is multiplied with force to get the power released by an object in a straight line?
39) Who is the author of the book called India Wins Freedom?
40) Ambubachi Mela is held in which state?
41) Which of the following cities is not situated on the bank of the Ganga river?
42) When did PM Indira Gandhi imposed an emergency in the country?
43) Matheran Hill station is situated in which state?
44) Which of the following article abolished untouchability?
45) Schedule 11 is related to which of the following?
46) What is the scientific name of the bat?
47) Who was the temporary Member of the Constitution Assembly?
48) How many times was the preamble of the Indian Constitution amended up to 20th June 2020?
49) UIDAI falls under which Ministry?
50) Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves are situated in which part of India?
51) Which of the following is closest to Coromandel Coast?
52) Who was the 1st Portuguese Viceroy to India?
53) In which province of Pakistan, the place Mehrgarh of Indus Valley Civilization situated?
54) Koneru Humpy is associated with which game?
55) Which of the following is not an oilseed?
56) How many chambers are there in the heart of the crocodile?
57) Which dam of India is close to the border of Bangladesh?
58) Barabati Satadium is located at?
59) Who has been given the title of Loknayak?
60) When did Jahangir become the Sultan of Delhi?
61) How many times Pakistan reached the final of the ICC One Day World Cup?
62) What is the symbol of Arsenic?
63) Which of the following poet is also known by the name of ” Nirala “?
64) Who is the author of the Book The Life Divine?
65) Which of the following state was formed in 2000?
66) What is the study of the environment called?
67) Which city hosted the 2000 summer Olympics?
68) When did GST is applied all over India?
69) When did Hunter Commission was formed?
70) Part 4 of the Indian Constitution is related to which of the following?
71) Sathish Sivalingam is associated with which sports?
72) LTTE a terrorist organization in Srilanka , What is the full form of T?
73) Which of the following is related to the heart?
74) Who was the first Indian badminton player to become an Olympics silver medalist?
75) When was the first summit of SAARC organized?
76) Jan Gan Mann was first recited in which session?
77) Which of the following was not the ruler of Mewar Kingdom?
78) Which part of the brain helps in picking up a pencil from the floor?
79) Padmanabhaswamy Temple is situated in which city of Kerala?
80) Makbara of I’timad-ud-Daulah is situated at?
81) Which Ministry distributes Khel Ratan Awards?
82) who is the author of We Are Displaced: My Journey and Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World?
83) Bonalu and Bathukamma festival is celebrated in which state?
84) Kalinjur Fort is situated in?
85) Bangladesh was part of Pakistan from which year to which year?
86) Meridian 90 east of Greenwich line does not pass through which of the following state/country?
87) When did the princely state of Hyderabad merge with India?
88) Who was the 24th Governor of RBI?
89) Who is the head coach of the Indian Nation Football Team?
90) Who publishes the Index of Economic Freedom?
91) Leukemia disease is related to?
92) The main plant of TISKO company is situated at?
93) How many atoms of hydrogen are there in Sodium Bicarbonate?
94) How many mandalas are there in Rigveda?
95) Viticulture is the study of?
96) 1 horsepower is how many watts?
97) How many days are there between two Amavasya?
98) Sustainable Development Goal is related to which of the following?
99) Who converted Ramayana into Farsi?
100) Where is Govardhan Math situated?
101) Silent Valley National Park is situated at?
102) What is it called when day and night are equal?
103) Article 24 is related to?
104) Headquarters of WTO is situated at?
105) What is the meaning of electron in Greek?
106) Are of Goa?
107) Birhul Tribe is located in which state?
108) Harsimrat Kaur was minister of which ministry before 30th June 2020?
109) Longest wall of India is situated at?
110) Who is the governor of Maharastra?
111) Who currently holds the Corporate Affairs ministry?
112) When Did the First Anglo Sikh war happened?
113) Vishvnath Anand is associated with which game?
114) Joshna Shinappa is associated with which game?
115) Question-related to Henry Law?
116) What is the effect of temperature on the electrical conduction of a metallic conductor?
117) Who got the first Nobel Prize in physics from India?
118) Teejan bai was given Padam Vibhusan in which field?
119) Dogri language is related to which region?
120) Length of the border that India shares with Afghanistan?
121) The person working in the field of Electromagnetic induction is?
122) Sundergarh is related to which state?
123) Fouaad Mirza is associated with which game?

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