GA Questions Asked in CGL Tier-1 August 10- Shift-2

Dear Readers,
General Awareness Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier-I 2017

SSC CGL 2017 Tier-I Second shift is over. These questions are based on the type of GA questions asked in the SECOND Shift of the exam (10th August). Candidates having CGL Exam in other shifts can go through these questions and can expect these questions to be asked in upcoming shifts as well.

Q1.Who won US open men’s Final?
Ans:Stanislas Wawrinka
Q2.Recently who got noble prize for peace?
Ans:Juan Manuel Santos
Q3.India has signed an agreement with which country regarding crude oil (petroleum)?

Q4.An Era of Darkness -Book by
Ans:Shashi Tharoor
Q5.Sodium chloride chemical formula-
Q6.One Question related to freedom fighter
Q7.National emergency article number ?
Ans:Article 352
Q8. Greenhouse effect related question.
Q9. The Bardoli Satyagraha was started by? 
Ans: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Q10.Plants Photosynthesis related questions.

Q11. Which blood group is Universal acceptor?
Ans:Group AB

Q12. State Emergency or President’s Rule comes under which Article?
Ans:Article 356

Q13. President is the member of which house ?

Q14. One Question related to Global warming?