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G20 leaders’ statement strongly condemns Russia’s war

G20 leaders condemns Russia’s war: s world leaders released a united statement criticising Russia’s war in Ukraine, which has claimed thousands of lives and rocked the world economy, Russia’s worldwide isolation worsened.

G20 leaders condemns Russia’s war: Key Points

  • The Group of 20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, came to an end on Wednesday with a statement from the leaders that “deplores in the harshest terms the aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine and demands its complete and unconditional departure from the territory of Ukraine.”
  • Following the summit’s conclusion, Indonesian President and G20 host Joko Widodo stated at a press conference that “world leaders agreed on the content of the declaration, namely condemnation to the war in Ukraine” which violates its territorial integrity.
  • However, some of the phrasing in the proclamation suggested that members had divergent views on matters pertaining to Ukraine.
  • Although it clearly acknowledged a gap among member nations, the 17-page declaration is a significant triumph for the United States and its allies who hoped to close the summit with a forceful denunciation of Russia.
  • The G20 members’ position on the conflict in Ukraine, according to Jokowi, was the one that was “most contested.”
  • The announcement came hours after Poland claimed that a “Russian-made missile” had killed two people when it crashed in a town close to its border with Ukraine.

G20 leaders condemns Russia’s war: Other Highlights

  • It is still unknown who launched that missile. During the conflict, both Russian and Ukrainian forces have employed weapons developed in Russia, with Ukraine using Russian-built missiles as part of their air defence system.
  • Regardless of how the probe into the lethal strike turns out, the episode highlighted the perils of making the wrong decision in a horrific conflict that has lasted for almost nine months and is at risk of growing further and entangling big countries in it.
  • Following the announcement, US Vice President Joe Biden and representatives from the G7 and NATO met urgently in Bali to address the incident.
  • The adoption of the joint declaration would have required the support of leaders who have close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, especially Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who declared a “no-limits” friendship between their nations weeks before the invasion.

While India appears to have cut ties with Russia, it is less certain whether China has changed its posture. In a flurry of bilateral meetings with Western leaders on the margins of the G20, Chinese leader Xi Jinping called for a ceasefire and vowed to oppose the use of nuclear weapons, but he has not publicly indicated any commitment to persuade his “close friend” Vladimir Putin to halt the war.

G20 leaders condemns Russia’s war: Reaction of China

Beijing has refused to refer to the military assault as an invasion or war since Russian tanks entered Ukraine in February, amplifying Russian propaganda that blames the crisis on NATO and the US while criticising sanctions. According to Chinese readouts, Xi consistently avoided using the word “war” when speaking with leaders from the US, France, and other countries about Ukraine. Instead, he would refer to the situation as the Ukraine issue or the Ukraine crisis.

Comparing India’s apparent shift to China’s uncertain position, analysts have observed New Delhi’s stronger willingness to engage all parties. In his opening remarks at the conference, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged leaders to find a way to return to the path of truce and diplomacy in Ukraine. The phrase “Today’s period must not be of conflict” is also included in the joint declaration’s draught. The tone is similar to what Modi used when he spoke with Putin in September outside of a regional gathering in Uzbekistan.

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