First Spacecraft in Space




1. Luna 2-
Luna 2 was first spacecraft to make a landing on the moon. Launched by
the USSR on 12 Sep 1959 it impacted the surface of the moon on 14.09.1959
2. Luna 3-
Luna 3 was first space probe to photograph the far side or the dark
side of the moon. It was launched by the USSR on 04 Oct 1959

3. Apollo 11-
Apollo 11 was first spacecraft which landed the first humans, Neil
Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
on the moon.
4. Mariner 4-
Mariner 4 was the first spacecraft to fly by Mars and also the first to
return images of another planet. It was launched by the USA on 28.11.1964
5. Mariner 9-
 It was the first spacecraft to
orbit another planet – Mars. It was launched by the USA on 30.05.1971
6. Pioneer 10-
Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to reach the planet Jupiter. It was
launched by the USA on 02.03.1972 and reached closest to Jupiter on 04.12.1973.
In 1983, Pioneer 10 became the first spacecraft to travel past the orbit of the
most distant planet, Neptune.
7. Galileo-
Galileo launched by the USA on 18.10.1989 was the first spacecraft to
fly by an asteroid, 951 Gaspra. It also discovered Dactyl, a moon of the
asteroid Ida. The spacecraft was the first to orbit Jupiter in December 1995.
8. Mariner 10-
Launched on 03.11.1973, Mariner 10 was the first spacecraft to fly by
9. Messenger-
Messenger was the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury. It was launched by
the USA on 03.08.2004; it entered the orbit of Mercury on 18.03.2011
10. Helios 2-
Helios 2 launched on 15.01.1976 was a joint venture of the United
States and West Germany. It set the record for being closest spacecraft to the
Sun, at a distance of 43.432 million kilometers on 17 April 1976.

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