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FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection successfully conducted FCI Exam on 1st, 7th & 14th January 2023. Thousands of candidates appeared in the FCI Assistant Grade 3 exam at various centers all over India. 25 questions were asked from the general awareness section in the FCI AG 3 prelims exam. The experienced faculties of Adda247 has done the FCI Assistant Exam Analysis 2023 after getting feedback from various candidates. In this post we are providing you the GA Questions asked in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Prelims Exam 2023 in all the shifts.

FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023

GA is one of the sections which is very unpredictable as the examiner can ask questions from anywhere therefore it always seems difficult to score marks here. This post will be very useful for all those candidates who have their exams in the upcoming days. After getting an idea from these questions, students can prepare better for the GA section. If we look at all the shifts then the difficulty level of the GA section was moderate as some questions were asked from the current affairs while some questions were asked from the static Portion

FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023: 21st January Shift 1

  • Rowlatt Satyagrah
  • Color Litmus in Distilled Water
  • IPO related
  • Number of Ribcage
  • 1st Train in India
  • A state has the lowest IMR rate
  • Which of the following cities is known as the City of Joy?
  • Cotton/Jute/Coir are?
  • Which is a Boneless animal?
  • Litmus paper color in water?
  • A ‘Think-20’ meeting under the G20 will begin at which summit?
  • Which Indian Company did the tie-up with the famous football club Manchester City?
  • Ram Krishan Mission was established by?
  • Which of the central scheme provide 100 days of guaranteed work?
  • The Central govt has changed the name of the scheme for distributing free ration under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) for a period of one year till December 2023 as?
  • Which of the following state have the Lowest infant mortality in India?
  • What is the Number of ribs in the chest of the human body?
  • The first train in India was run between Mumbai to which city?
  • Which of the following planet have 83 moons now?
  • Which of the following has been awarded the Platinum Award for Excellence in Digital e-Governance?
  • Vasco da Gama came to which port first?
  • Rowlett satyagraha was started in which year?
  • What is the full form of MRP?
  • When was the second battle of Panipat Faught?
  • What is the new name of PM Antyodaya Yojana?
  • Which of the following tax was imposed by Marathas?
  • Which of the following book is related to Kalidas?

FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023: 14th January Shift 1

  • What is the name of Mahatma Gandhi’s Mother?
  • Rammappa Temple is located at?
  • Chambal is a tributary of which river?
  • Who is the PM of Nepal?
  • One question asked from Biotic Component.
  • One question from Nationalized Bank (1969).
  • What is the full form of TDS.
  • One question asked from Delhi Empire.
  • Disease caused by protozoa.
  • What is the symbol of wavelength.
  • One question from blue revolution.
  • One question was based on the National museum.

FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023: 14th January Shift 2

  • Bengal partition happened in which year? [1905]
  • State which border with Sikkim? [West Bengal]
  • Shalimar Garden was made by? [Jahangir]
  • Golden Gloves of FIFA 2022 Award is given to? [Emiliano Martinez (Argentina)]
  • Good Governance Day was celebrated in which date? [25 December]
  • Dry battery convert Chemical energy into which energy? [Electrical energy]
  • Red colour which used in Traffic Light have highest? [Wavelength]
  • Who has won the prestigious GRIHA Exemplary Performance Award 2022? [UIDAI]
  • Who regulate Securities Market? [SEBI]
  • First Peshwa Emperor of Marathas was? [Balaji Vishwanath]
  • The Government of India has launched the which App to make air travel easier? [DigiYatra]
  • Who regulate Import and Export?
  • In Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, what is the amount of cash incentive given to Pregnant Women and
  • Lactating Mothers? [5,000]
  • Which disease is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D? [Rickets]
  • Who was the Governor General at the time of Sepoy Mutiny? [Lord Canning]
  • What is the rank of Jammu and Kashmir in the production of Saffron? [1st]
  • Which acid is present in Curd? [Lactic Acid]
  • Digambar and Svetambara are related to which religion? [Jainism]
  • Only Coal Museum of India was located at? [Margherita in Assam]
  • Who was the finance minister of India during 1991? [Manmohan Singh]
  • Who was the Vice-president of India in 2023? [Jagdeep Dhankhar]

FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023: 7th January Shift 1

  • Fifa wc 3rd runner?
  • Pfrda authority regulate?
  • Make in India 2.0 sectors ?
  • Artificial Magnet?
  • Water impact summit 2022 held ?
  • Shortest day of which planet ?
  • IFSC 4 digits code indicated ?
  • Photosynthesis uses elements?
  • Light year unit of?
  • Bronze alloy ?
  • Henry passport index?
  • Largest river peninsular India?
  • Delhi to devagari capital shift?
  • Port site of Indus valley ?
  • Megathanese visit India in rule of emperor?
  • Integration of 500 states by?
  • SAARC foundation year?
  • Digboi commission year?
  • PMSBY premium.?
  • PMKKK name changed to?
  • Economic survey presented by?
  • Aizwal capital of?
  • CNG full form?
  • Kanha National park state?
  • Minister of science and technology?

FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023: 7th January Shift 3

  • Not Ex Finance Minister – Charan singh
  • Parts of leafs- Veins
  • Eye parts- All
  • Gatishakti University VC- Aswini Vaishnav
  • Golden Ball FIFA- Messi
  • Slave dynasty Founder -Qutbuddin aibak
  • Nalanda Mahavihara location – Bihar
  • Longest canal – Indira gandhi Canal
  • Eastern ghat highest peak – Mahendragiri
  • NITI Aayog -2015
  • Battle of Haldighat year- 1576
  • The Champaran Satyagraha of 1917 was the first Satyagraha movement led by Gandhi
  • Father of ashoka? – Bindusara
  • Dakshin Ganga?- Godavari
  • Nitrogen+ oxygen 99%
  • Peta women of the year actress?- Sonakshi Sinha
  • Sukanya Samridhi ac max age? -10 yrs
  • UIDAI first chairman – Nandan Nillekani
  • State- max forest cover Madhya Pradesh
  • Mrs World 2022 Sargam Koushal
  • Note printing place owned by RBI? 2, 2 owned by GOI 22.Venus Brightest Planet
  • Leo Varadkar PM -Ireland
  • Sare jahan se achaa – Allama mhd Iqbal
  • Inexhaustible natural resources – Wind

FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023: 1st January Shift 1

  • 2011 Census
  • Awards- 1 Question
  • T20 World Cup Venue
  • India’s rank in sugar export
  • Demonetisation
  • Natural Fibre
  • Milk Mission
  • World Water Day
  • How many Classical dances are in India?
  • Literacy rate
  • The largest dam in India
  • Harappan Civilization
  • Ramcharitmanas
  • Vaya Vandana Yojana
  • Humpi
  • National Animal of India
  • Sufi Sant of Ancient time
  • Largest state (area-wise)
  • Who among the following is not an economist?
  • Natural Acid is not found in?
  • Calcium Hydroxide known as
  • Conductor based question
  • Method of Silk production
  • Shahjahan is the successor of?
  • Krishna river flows in which state?
  • 332 AD
  • Where is Gir Forest National Park?

FCI Grade 3 Exam Analysis 2023 Shift 1

FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023: 1st January Shift 2

  • 5 ques from Current Affairs (Oct, Nov, Dec)
  • World Intellectual Property India’s rank
  • International Solar Alliance meeting venue
  • Free Ration scheme per person
  • BCCI’s New President
  • Chemistry Slate Lime combination
  • What is the taste of acid?
  • Gautam Buddha’s Real Name
  • India’s land-wise area rank
  • Which Indian state doesn’t touch the international boundary?
  • Panipat’s 3rd battle year
  • UIDAI, U’s Full form
  • NITI Aayog establishment year

FCI Assistant Exam Analysis 2023 Shift 2

FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023: 1st January Shift 3

FCI Assistant GA GK Questions 2023 In Hindi

  • Full Form of PMJBY
  • Vitamin C-Acid
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Venue of FIFA World Cup 2022
  • Full Time Member of Niti Aayog
  • Highest Post Office
  • Nuclear Power Project
  • First President of INC
  • Last Governor General of India

FCI Assistant Exam Analysis 2023 Shift 3

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What was the overall difficulty level of the GA section in FCI Assistant 2023 exam?

The overall difficulty level of the GA section in FCI Assistant 2023 exam was easy to moderate

Is current affairs are also asked in the FCI Assistant 2023 exam?

Yes the questions related to current affairs are also asked in the FCI Assistant 2023 exam