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Here Are Some Facts To Remember About India
Number of States and Union Territories: 29 and 7 respectively

• Northern and Eastern Hemispheres.
• Central position in the southernmost part of the Asian Continent.
• Tropic of Cancer passes through the Central Part.
• Latitudinal Extent: 8°4′28′′ to 37°6′53′′ North i.e 29°2′25′′ (in Total).
• Longitudinal Extent: 68°7′33′′ to 97°24′47′′ East i.e. 29°17′14′′ (in Total).
• Total land area: 32,87,263 square kilometers.
• Land frontier: 15200 km, Coastline: 7517 km.
• Facts and Features:
In terms of Area:
• Seventh largest in the world.
• Largest state : Rajasthan (followed by Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra)
• Smallest state: Goa.
In terms of Distance:
• Westernmost point in Gujarat → Easternmost point in Arunachal Pradesh: 2993 km
• Northernmost point in Kashmir → Southernmost mainland : 3214 km
In terms of Geology:
• 3 geological units → The Himalayan Mountains, the Indo-Gangetic plains and the Peninsular Plateaus.
• Southernmost tip (of Indian Peninsula): Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.
• Southernmost tip (India) : Indira Point in Nicobar.
• The Lowest point (below sea level): Kuttanad (−2.2 m) in Kerala.
India’s Standard Time (IST):
• Determined by the standard meridian of longitude 82°30′ East passing through Allahabad.
• Time Difference (Longest and Shortest day):
• Near Leh and Ladakh: 4 Hours
• Near Kanyakumari: 45 minutes
Time Difference (Sunrise):
• Between Kibithu village (Arunachal Pradesh) in the east → Ghuar Mota (near Sir Creek, Gujarat) in the west : 116 minutes.
Surrounding Land Frontiers (with percentage of boundary shared) :
• Pakistan (22%), Afghanistan (0.7%), China (23%), Nepal (12%), Bhutan (4.5%), Myanmar (10.8%),
• Bangladesh (27%)

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  2. The simple formula for such question is R%:100
    Here R is the percentage given in question

    So its 20:100

    That is 1:5

  3. if a commission of10% is given on the markd price of a work , the publisher gains20% . If the commission is increased to 15% the gain % is?

  4. A fathom is a unit of length used to measure the depth of water or thelength of nautical rope or cable. A fathom is six feet, or 1.8288 meters. -wikipedia

  5. Profit earnd on sp of an article for rs575 is equal to loss sufferd when article id sold for 325 .find cp

  6. A shopkeepr bought 200 artcles..each costng same..He sold 30% at 20% prft and remng @ 10% pft..if total pft made is 2600..find cp of one article?

  7. If * is an operation such that
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  8. explanation buddy don't mine.. thanks for the reply..
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  11. let cp of one article=x
    then cp of 200 article=200x

    30% article=(200x)*30%=60x
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    solve for x

  12. let CP of 1 art = 100%
    total CP = 100%*200 = 20000%

    total SP = 200*30/100 * 120% + 140*110%
    = 7200% + 15400%
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    profit = SP-CP
    2600 = 22600% – 20000%
    2600 = 2600%
    1 = 1%
    100% =100rs

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