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Expected Topics in Maths for 7 Phase | Based on all 6 Phases

The mathematics section of the RRB NTPC exam comprises 30 questions of 1 mark each. Always remember that accuracy and time management is the key to score the high marks Mathematics section. Check the table provided below to know how many questions were asked in 1st Six Phases of the RRB NTPC Examination.

S.No Topic No of Questions In Asked Phase 1 to Phase 6
1. SI/ CI 2
2. Mensuration 3-4
3. Ratio & Proportion 3-4
4. Sets 1
5. Partnership 2
6. Geometry 1
7. Number System 2
8. Simplification 2
9. Time and Work 3
10. Statistics 2
11. Time, Speed, and Distance 2
12. Algebra 2
13. Profit And Loss 2-3
13. DI 3-4
  Total 30
As seen from the previous examination conducted in different Phases of RRB NTPC, the mathematics section is easy to crack if you have a good understanding of all the important concepts of all the chapters. The open secret to come ahead of the fear in this section is only a good understanding of concepts and to apply them instantly to the question asked which is going to happen only after the revision of topics and tricks and then practicing the questions on them.
  • Approx. 4-5 questions are asked from Simplification/ Number System/HCF & LCM. This topic is very important because it is the foundation for all other topics in the mathematics section of the RRB NTPC Examination. Don’t commit the mistake of taking this section on a light note as the questions may be tricky sometimes.
  • Geometry and Mensuration collectively consist of 5-6 questions. The level of difficulty varies from easy to moderate. For Geometry, you need to remember all the important theorems, Pythagoras triplet, all the formulas of the area of a triangle, circle, rectangles, polygons, coordinate geometry, etc. You have to learn Formulas like curved surface area, total surface area, and volume to crack the Mensuration section of the examination.
  • Algebra includes basic formulas of cubes, squares, trigonometric ratios, and identities. 2-3 questions will be asked from Algebra. Make sure to solve these questions in a minimum time. Try to solve a few questions from the options given if you don’t find any way to solve them. Learn all the trigonometric identities useful for the exam. Overall 5-6 questions can be asked from Algebra, Trigonometry & Height and Distance.
  • Concepts of Percentage and ratio are the base of the chapters like profit & loss and Discount. For Quick solving, you must remember all fractional value up to 30 in terms of percentage. Profit and loss and discount revolve around 4 terms and that is C.P, S.P, M.P, and Discount. Understand the concept of CP, SP, MP, and discount given on MP and the relation between them.
  • Inverse relation and direct relation between time, speed, and distance will help a lot. The concept of relative velocity will help you in solving the problems of train and Boat and Stream. Gun and Bullet problem, Train accident problem, Effect of increasing/decreasing speed on time, these problems are often asked in exams.
  • Solve time and work questions with the help of the LCM method which can reduce lots of time while solving questions. The concept of alternate work, efficiency, and work and wages are important points to cover.
  • Data Interpretation is considered an easier topic in RRB NTPC as compared to others. Do not take any topic or subject lightly as the exam can be full of surprises and you need to be prepared beforehand for what may come.
Analyzing mock tests is equally as important as taking mock tests. And for the rest of the time start solving previous years’ questions. Talking about 1st Six phases of the examination, the exam can be said to be of an easy-moderate level. Candidates need to practice well enough to ace the Mathematics section. A bit of increased focus and a pinch of smart work will serve the purpose for sure.
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