Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary for SSC CGL 2017

Vocabulary for SSC CGL
Hello, Greetings!! SSC CGL Pre 2017 will commence in the month of June/July 2017. In order to help and guide all of you, we’re going to post VOCABULARY BASED ON THE HINDU NEWSPAPER. In all the competitive exams, Vocabulary questions are asked from newspapers.

Meaning: a clumsy, awkward person
Synonym: butterfingers, looby, dub
Sentence: “that player is a lummox in the outfield”

Meaning: to provide (someone) with what is needed for a task or activity
Synonym: furnish,equip,gird
Sentence: “hikers accoutered with walking sticks, water bottles, trail maps, and compasses”

Meaning: to criticize (someone) severely or angrily especially for personal failings
Synonym: berate, chastise, chew out
Sentence: “ castigated him for his constant tardiness”

Meaning: kindly concern, interest, or support
Synonym: goodwill, benevolence, charity
Sentence: “ a youth club fostering amity among the city’s many and diverse ethnic groups”

Meaning: to drive or force out
Synonym: banish, cast out, dismiss
Sentence:  “she was ousted from her job after it was proven she’d been smuggling company supplies”

Meaning: to take (something) without right and with an intent to keep
Synonym: filch, heist, purloin
Sentence:  “what sort of person would pilfer lunches from the office refrigerator?”

Meaning: excessively showy
Synonym: flamboyant, glitzy, razzle-dazzle
Sentence:  She wears an  ostentatious diamond ring on her little finger

Meaning: occurring before the usual or expected time 
Synonym: premature, early, unseasonable
Sentence: “a precocious baldness makes him look older than he really is”

Meaning: a sinking to a state of low moral standards and behavior
Synonym: abjection, debasement, depravity
Sentence: “pictorial advertisements for chic clothing and fragrances in which drug addiction and other forms of moral turpitude are depicted as alternative fashion statements”

Meaning: not eating and drinking too much 
Synonym: continent, self-abnegating
Sentence: “She is known as an abstemious eater and drinker.”

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