Dear Readers,
As you know
that Vocabulary is the cornerstone of your English skills. Without a strong
vocabulary, you can not implement the rules of English grammar. So we are
providing vocabulary words with Hindi meaning which will help in upcoming SSC
1.    Fetid ( Adj).

Synonyms : stinking, foul, noisome, offensive

Antonyms: fresh, good

Example: A fetid smell was coming from his room.

2.    Foment ( V.) :

Synonyms : incite, cause, abet, create

Antonyms: check, prevent

Example: The Defamation Bill fomented
journalists to take to the streets.

3.    Forthright ( Adj.)

Synonyms: Casual, chance, accidental

Antonyms : planned, deliberate

Example: He is forthright person.

4.    Gimcrack ( Adj.)

Synonyms: Shoddy, second – rate, cheap

Antonyms: excellent, costly

Example: The necklace that she is wearing is
a gimcrack.

5.    Haughtiness ( N.)

Synonyms: arrogance, hauteur

Antonyms: meekness , simplicity

6.    Inapt (Adj.)

Synonyms: unsuitable, inappropriate, unfit,

Antonyms: suitable , apt

Example: What an inapt question has been
asked by you.

7.    Inimical (Adj.) :

Synonyms: adverse, hostile, unfavourable

Antonyms: favourable

Example: Inimical behaviour should be curtailed.

8.    Juggle (V.) :

Synonyms: shuffle, swindle, conjure

Example: The magician can juggle the balls very well.

9.    Laconic (Adj.)

Synonyms: brief, short, concise, terse

Antonyms: long, extensive

Example: My friend is a laconic person.

10.  Impressive (Adj.) :
Synonyms: imposing, remarkable, noted
     Antonyms: Ordinary, common
Example : He delivered an impressive speech on the occasion

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  1. being a btech graduate am i eligible for compiler and statistical assist grade 2 post?

  2. find the error The address of vehicle owners, caught on camera flouting traffic rules, will be traced through the vehicle's registration number.

  3. friends tell me one thing in ssc cgl 2015 part -2 registration.
    Is form needed sign with black ink? or blue ink se bhi chalega?

  4. Hardly had he finished his work than the peon arrived with another file.

    A) when

    B) then

    C) while

    D) no improvement

  5. friends tell me one thing in ssc cgl 2015 part -2 registration.
    Is form needed uploaded sign with black ink? or blue ink se bhi chalega?

  6. there isnt any such notice to sign in black but
    you should always use black because in some exam black is prefered

  7. Rahul has no right to take a claim on his father’s property as he did not look after him in his old age.

    A) to make a claim

    B) to stake a claim to

    C) to demand

    D) no improvement

  8. Correct answer B (stake a claim is a phrase which means to ask for something as one’s own)

  9. He absented from the meeting.

    (A) was absent.

    (B) absented himself.

    (C) took absence.

    (D) No improvement.

  10. b is correct because after some words like absent , enjoy etc reflexive pronoun is used

  11. He speaks not only English but Hindi as well.

    (A) as well as

    (B) Hindi too

    (C) also hindi

    (D) No improvement

  12. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched India's first indigenously developed vaccine _________ on March 9, 2015.

    1. Rotavirus

    2. Oral Polio

    3. Influenza

    4. Oral Typhoid

  13. Mawlynnong Village in Meghalaya is in the news recently. The reason being –

    1. It has been awarded the Asia's Cleanest village award in 2014-15

    2. All the houses in the village have sanitary toilet

    3. All the houses in the Village use clean energy for cooking

    4. The village is situated on Indo-Bangladesh border

  14. He asked me if I can help him to lift the box.

    (A) will

    (B) could

    (C) may

    (D) No improvement

  15. I have sent the parcel two hours ago.

    A) had sent

    B) send

    C) sent

    D) no improvement

  16. Correct answer C ( The usage of two hours ago indicates that the sentence is of simple past tense )

  17. He felt exhausted as he was working since 4 O’ clock in the morning

    A) has been working

    B) had been working

    C) is working

    D) No improvement

  18. Most people in India like to give a lot of free advice.

    A) advices

    B) advises

    C) advise

    D) No Improvement

  19. Correct answer is D. (The word advice is a noun and has no plural form.Advise is a verb. So option a,b and C all get eliminated)

  20. You must to do your homework, mustn’t you?

    (A) Shouldn’t

    (B) must

    (C) ought

    (D) No improvement

  21. d because we use question tag of same type
    and since the sentence is positive question tag must be negative
    if any confusion read topic question tag . ssc frequently ask qsnt on this topic

  22. The little boy fell from the roof.

    (A) Fell below the roof

    (B) Fell down the roof

    (C) Fell off the roof

    (D) No improvement

  23. c is correct
    fell off =
    When something detaches from a bigger object.

    My glasses fell off when I bent down to pick up the paper from the floor.

    Fall down / fall over =

    When a person or structure falls to the ground.

    The skaters fell down in the middle of their performance.

  24. I took one bite of my sandwich, and it __________.Afell apartBfell throughCfell off

  25. a is correct

    Fall apart= Break into pieces for example

    That chair is so old, it looks like it’ll fall apart if anyone sits on it.

  26. The results______ the “Clean India” campaign will be visible only after two years.

    A) for

    B) in

    C) of

    D) to

  27. Hey Roshan can u tell too how to learn errors questns I knw it come from basic bt firrr b any sugesation/?

  28. Hi I have a doubt…
    I have obtained Bsc IT degree from kuvempu university ( distance education mode ). ..
    Am I eligible for ssc cgl 2015? ?
    Please help….very important. ….

  29. Find the area of trapezium whose parallel sides are 77 cm,60 cm and the other sides are 25 cm and 26 cm .

  30. yaar meri to 10 aa ri h…
    niche waali side ko 70 maana h to 60-60 equal kr k 17 cm remaining hoga base me. do right angle triangle bnenge unme se ek ka base 'x' maan lo nd 2nd (17-x) pythagoras use kro. aise 10 cm aa raha height

  31. the area of largest triangle that can be in-scribed in semi circle of radius x in square unit is……….

  32. first of all go through basic concept and rules of writing correct grammar .next there are some fixed errors always and most asked in exam . In ssc the errors are generally repeated . if you practice 25-30 errors daily with a practice set in which errors are explained throughly . practicing will help you to recognize errors fast .
    kiran publication books are good in that sense. but i myself have studied 3, 4 books to improve English . if possible you should take help of some good English teacher (they can make it very easy )

  33. The angle of elevation of the tower from the points P and Q at a distance of a and b resp from the base of the tower and in the same straight line with it are complementary . The height of the tower is???

  34. A tap can empty a tank in one hour. A se cond tap can empty it in 30 minutes. If both the taps operate simultaneouly, how much time is needed to empty the tank?
    a) 20 minutes b) 30 minutes c) 40 minutes d) 45 minutes

  35. A card-board box contains 12 pairs each of three different types of hand gloves used by batsman in cricket. They are separated into single units of gloves and all mixed. you can not see the gloves from outside, but you can put your hands through the pigeon hole and takeout one glove at a time. what will be the minimum number of gloves one should take out to get one perfect pair of gloves to be sure?

    1. 3
    2. 13
    3. 25
    4. 37

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