Directions (1-10): The first and the last parts of the passage are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the passage is split into four parts and named P, Q, R and S. These four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the parts and find out which of the four combinations is correct. Then find the correct answer.
Q1. 1. Osteoarthritis in the knee is a problem that affects millions of people.
P. And so it reduces disability and improves quality of life.
Q. Due to muscle flexibility there is less pain.
R. Knee exercises are done sitting in a chair or lying on one’s back.
S. Knee exercises help prevent joint stiffness and strengthen muscles around the joint.
6. Exercises that help thigh muscles without involving weight bearing are safe and effective.
(a) QSRP
(b) SQPR
(c) RQPS
(d) RSPQ

Q2. 1. Another way for people to economize at an amusement park is to bring their own food.
P. Also, instead of filling up on soft drinks, they should bring a thermos of iced tea.
Q. Instead they should pack a nourishing, well balanced lunch of cold chicken, carrot sticks, and fruit.
R. They will also save on calories.
S. They will avoid having to pay high prices for hamburgers and hot dogs.
6. Every dollar that is not spent at the refreshment stand is one that can be spent on another ride.
(a) QSRP
(b) SQPR
(c) RSPQ
(d) PRSQ
Q3. 1. The vegetable bin of my refrigerator contained an assortment of weird-looking items.
P. The carrots dropped into U shapes as I picked them up with the tips of my fingers.
Q. To the right of the oranges was a bunch of carrots that had begun to sprout points, spikes and tendrils.
R. Near the carrots was a net bag of onions.
S. Next to a shriveled, white-coated lemon were two oranges covered with blue fuzz.
6. Each onion had sent curling shoots through the net until the whole thing resembled a man of green spaghetti.
(a) SQPR
(b) QSRP
(c) PRSQ
(d) RSQP
Q4. 1. One reason for studying Psychology is to help you deal with your children.
P. Offer her a choice of staying up till 7:30 with you or going upstairs and playing until 8:00.
Q. A little knowledge of Psychology comes in handy.
R. Since she gets to make the choice, she does not feel so powerless and will not resist.
S. Perhaps your daughter refuses to go to bed when you want her to and bursts into tears at the mention of lights out.
6. Psychology is also useful in rewarding a child for a job well done.
(a) RPSQ
(b) PQSR
(c) SQPR
(d) QPSR
Q5. 1. Industrial Revolution started in England.
P. But with the passage of time, the advantages of the revolution began to trickle in.
Q. This resulted in large scale disenchantment with the revolution.
R. Mass producing machines became the order of the day.
S. However, rural artisans lost their livelihood.
6. And people accepted the revolution wholeheartedly.
(a) RSQP
(b) RSPQ
(c) SRQP
(d) SRPQ
Q6. 1. Another area that technology is changing is entertainment.
P. Walking along the street, or sitting in their living rooms, they wear headphones to build a wall of music around them.
Q. Music, for instance, was once a group experience.
R. For many people, now, however, music is a solitary experience.
S. People used to listen to music in concert halls or at small social gatherings.
6. Now, movie entertainment is changing too.
(a) PRQS
(b) QSRP
(c) SQPR
(d) RPSQ
Q7. 1. Heat is one of the prerequisites of life.
P. Without heat, no living organism can survive on Earth.
Q. In other words, the Earth will become a barren mass of land without heat.
R. This is supplied by the solar radiation.
S. The solar heat reaching the Earth’s orbit amounts to about 2 calories per sq. centimeter per minute.
6. But the Earth gets only less than half the radiation reaching the top of the atmosphere.
(a) RPQS
(b) PQRS
(c) RPSQ
(d) SRQP
Q8. 1. Museums are repositories of the cultural heritage of a nation.
P. Museums also contribute a lot to national integration.
Q. Museums make these materials available to posterity.
R. They ensure conservation of historical and cultural material against decay.
S. They also bring about international understanding.
6. Thus, museums play a vital role in cultural transmission.
(a) PQRS
(b) RQPS
(c) RPSQ
(d) SRQP
Q9. 1. It was nearly one o’clock.
P. Restaurants of this type are to be found in various places.
Q. There were about three or four people in the room.
R. I was feeling extremely hungry and went to a vegetarian restaurant.
S. During lunch hours those days, London restaurants were not very crowded.
6. I chose a corner table, seated myself and opened the newspaper.
(a) PSRQ
(b) RPSQ
(c) SQPR
(d) PQRS
Q10. 1. Success in life depends upon devotion to the chosen occupation.
P. We must choose the occupation which is best suited to our aptitude and qualifications.
Q. In that case, we may have to try a few jobs before getting the right one.
R. But once we find such a job and are at the job, we should stick to it.
S. Possibly, we may not find such on occupation at our first attempt.
6. With our devotion and industry, we can make progress in that job.
(a) PSRQ
(b) PRQS
(c) PSQR
(d) SRQP
Directions (11-15): Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.
Q11. One who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institution
(a) Rebel
(b) Revolutionary
(c) Terrorist
(d) Iconoclast
Q12. Memorable recollection of the experiences of one’s life
(a) Novel
(b) Memoirs
(c) Testament
(d) Epistle
Q13. The field that studies the evolution of mankind
(a) Philosophy
(b) Biology
(c) Anthropology
(d) Archaeology
Q14. The tendency not to care for right and wrong
(a) Amoral
(b) Moral
(c) Immune
(d) Immortal
Q15. An actor in a theatrical performance whose business is to make people laugh through his actions or talk
(a) Comedian
(b) Jokey
(c) Buffoon
(d) Acrobat


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