English Quiz: MISC. for SSC CHSL

DIRECTIONS(Q.1-Q.5) In the following questions, sentences
are given with blank to the filled in with prepositions. Four alternative sets
are suggested, for each question. Choose the correct preposition or set of
prepositions as demanded by the question.
Q1. The medium and long term goals will continue this
process to ________________ the pace of demographic transition and achieve
population stabilization by 2045.
(a) Advance
(b) Expend
(c) Accelerate
(d) Diverse

Q2. The functions of Parliament are not only
________________ in nature, but considerable in volume.
(a) Differently
(b) Varied
(c) Variable
(d) Magnitude
Q3. Plantation crops ________________ a large group of
(a) Declare
(b) Substitute
(c) Make
(d) Constitute
Q4. ________________, translation training courses of 3
months were being conducted at the Headquarters in New Delhi.
(a) Surprisingly
(b) Suddenly
(c) Somehow
(d) Initially
Q5. India is the largest ________________ of mango, banana,
cheeku and acid lime
(a) Discoverer
(b) Manufacturer
(c) Executor
(d) Exporter
Directions (Q6-Q10): Choose the word opposite in meaning to
the word given in bold.

(a) disputed
(b) irritation
(c) separation
(d) confrontation
(a) truthful
(b) fact
(c) falsehood
(d) story
(a) pleasingly
(b) willingly
(c) satisfactorily
(d) happily
(a) instruct
(b) induct
(c) conduct
(d) mend
(a) rejoice
(b) rejuvenate
(c) complain
(d) cry

Directions (Q11-Q15): Four alternatives are given for the
idiom/phrase bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning

Q11. When he went to claim insurance for his car, the agent
said he hadn’t a leg to stand on.
(a) Had been injured in an accident.
(b) Was lame
(c) Did not have much hope of getting it
(d) Would have to wait for some time
Q12. The teacher’s announcement to conduct a snap test came
as a bolt from the blue to many
(a) Imaginary
(b) Unexpected
(c) Forbidden
(d) Heavenly
Q13. He and his friend are sailing in the same boat.
(a) Sailing together in the same boat
(b) Sharing the financial and social condition
(c) Being in the same difficult situation
(d) Getting rid of the difficult situation
Q14. To be successful in today’s world, we require the gift of the gab.
(a) Ability to speak well
(b) Good interpersonal skills
(c) Divine help and guidance
(d) A fierce competitive spirit
Q15. Winter was so bad that the nomadic tribesmen found it
difficult to keep the wolf from the
(a) Hunt wild animals
(b) Escape starvation
(c) Get woolen clothes
(d) Walk on ice



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