English Quiz (fill in the blank ) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

Directions (Q.1-10): Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete. 

Q1. Since tourism does not fall under a single heading in India’s National Accounts Statistics, its contribution has to be ________________.
(a) Appraised 
(b) Guessed 
(c) Conclude 
(d) Estimated 

Q2. The commodity futures market ________________ the price discovery process and provides a platform for price risk management in commodities.
(a) Distinguishes 
(b) Forwards 
(c) Simplifies 
(d) Facilitates 

Q3. The Indian telecom sector has ________________ tremendous growth over the past decade.
(a) Witnesses 
(b) Worked 
(c) Attended 
(d) Participated

Q4. Today, The Indian telecom network is the second largest in the world ________________ China, which leads this sector 
(a) Beside 
(b) Preceding 
(c) Earlier 
(d) After 

Q5. A liberal policy regime and ________________ of the private sector have played an important role in transforming the agricultural sector. 
(a) Involvement 
(b) Incorporation 
(c) Entry 
(d) Link

Q6. As ________________ to private modes of transport, public transport is more energy efficient and less polluting.
(a) Contrast 
(b) Compared 
(c) Segregate 
(d) Parallel 

Q7. The difference between mass gains and losses, ________________ over one year, is known as the annual mass balance.
(a) Allotted 
(b) Guessed 
(c) Anticipated 
(d) Measured 
Q8. Metamorphic rocks are ________________ in the Earth where is high temperature and great pressure.
(a) Formed 
(b) Planned 
(c) Molded 
(d) Structured 

Q9. The Sun and the Moon ________________ to be about the same size when observed from Earth.
(a) Arise 
(b) Develop 
(c) Present 
(d) Appear

Q10. Reserves of a bank ________________ the health of the institution.  
(a) Announced 
(b) Demonstrate 
(c) Express 
(d) Indicate 

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