Directions (1-15): An expression followed by four words is given in each of the following questions. The expression carries the meaning of one of the words. Identify the word and mark its number as your answer.
Q1. Causing damage to both parties involved
(a) mutual
(b) internecine
(c) interdict
(d) interstitial

Q2. A person who is very good at something especially music
(a) adept
(b) popular
(c) talented
(d) virtuoso
Q3. An anxious and eager concern for someone
(a) solicitude
(b) worry
(c) elation
(d) good will

Q4. A cowardly and unfaithful person
(a) miscreant
(b) mendicant
(c) pervert
(d) recreant
Q5. A fixed plan of food, sleep, etc. in order to improve one’s heath
(a) regimen
(b) alidade
(c) resolution
(d) encompassment
Q6. An introduction that comes before something we say/write
(a) prologue
(b) prediction
(c) review
(d) premonition
Q7. A steep or almost upright side of a high rock, mountain or cliff
(a) nadir
(b) zenith
(c) precipice
(d) abyss
Q8. Characteristic of children or young people
(a) leonine
(b) juvenile
(c) puerile
(d) experienced
Q9. People or animals of a place that have been the earliest there from known times
(a) ancestors
(b) immigrants
(c) aboriginals
(d) natives
Q10. A large and impressive building
(a) mansion
(b) colossal
(c) citadel
(d) edifice
Q11. Next to each other
(a) simultaneous
(b) vicinity
(c) succession
(d) contiguous
Q12. A place or scene of great disorder
(a) chaotic
(b) repulsive
(c) shamble
(d) unpleasant
Q13. Connected with or relevant to something
(a) perspective
(b) invalid
(c) significant
(d) pertinent
Q14. To hold the attention and interest completely
(a) capture
(b) yield
(c) entice
(d) enthrall
Q15. Showing great knowledge or insight
(a) profane
(b) fantastic
(c) nostalgic
(d) profound

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