English- One Word Substitution (Tier-2)

1. One who studies the pattern of voting in election- Psephologist

2.Government run by officials is called- Bureaucracy

3.Government by inexperienced persons is called- Neocracy

4.Murder of one’s children is called- Fillicide

5.Murder of king or queen is called- Regicide

6. The practise of having two wives or husbands at a time is called- Bigamy

7.Sound made by brakes- Screech

8.One who abandons his religious faith- Apostate

9.A hater of knowledge and learning- Misologist

10.A sad song- Dirge

11.A  person who loves everybody- Cosmopolitan

12.One who can not easily pleased- Fastidious

13.One who studies insect life- Entomologist

14.A lady who remains unmarrid- Spinster

15.One who had good taste of food- Gourmet

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  1. Filicide is the deliberate act of a parent killing their own child. The word filicide
    derives from the Latin words filius meaning "son" or filia meaning
    daughter and the suffix -cide meaning to kill, murder, or cause death.

  2. Vartika mam..I am new here and I want.to know is there sectional cutt off in tier 1 ssc cgl

  3. Kumar pls explain this,,,, If x=997, y=998, z=999, then the value of (x^2 + y^2 + z^2 -xy -yz – zx) is (A) 0 (B)1 (C) -1 (D) 3


    • N 1.औरत जाति से नफरत करने वाला आदमी It would be worthless to argue with such a misogynist.

  5. I hv also sam ques..fci maths syllabus topic wise..anyone who knw abt maths syllabi plz do rep..its very urgent

  6. Hi amit will you please guide me. how to prepare for tier 1? tell me about the books to follow..

  7. lucent for g.k
    rajesh verma for maths
    s.p bakshi english
    and s.chand non verbal n verbal for reasoning learn 10 words ,one words subs idoms phrses daily
    and last read english newspaper

  8. i m frm UP….
    and i m 100% sure that u r from South region b/c yr name is sunitha…if i m not wrong in south region peoples use name as sumith, Githa, sunitha etc
    but in north region we use sumit, gita, sunita….

  9. just take two options whose sum is 42050
    i take 20000+22050
    both are similar and easily divisible

  10. Good morning friends.. couple of days before i saw ssc 2015 new pattern. can anyone send the link. i couldnt find the post.. pls help friends

  11. shadow is question ko deekhna yaar isme answerkey mae 100 aa raha hai but mera 96 aa raha hai

  12. 12th one fastidious means meticulous careful and attentive, i think its answer should be maleable

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