English Idioms Quiz For SSC CHSL And MTS

Directions (1-15): Four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase and mark it in the Answer sheet.
Q1. Look up to
(a) Respect
(b) Examine
(c) Visit
(d) Despise

Q2. keeping someone warm 

(a) Warm it with a hot water bottle

(b) Keep a place very busy and exciting
(c) Occupy it temporarily on behalf of another
(d) Make someone feel welcome
Q3. To break the ice
(a) To break the news
(b) To break a painful silence
(c) To start the work
(d) To keep cool
Q4. No axe to grind
(a) bad situation
(b) to rebuke
(c) to act selflessly
(d) to confuse others
Q5. To go for the jugular
(a) To work very hard for success
(b) To make a fierce destructive attack on the weakest point in an opponent’s argument
(c) To go in for the costliest thing
(d) To go in for dishonest means
Q6. To follow the primrose path
(a) To follow one’s objectives very steadfastly
(b) To go on wandering
(c) To trek to the mountains
(d) To go in for pursuit of pleasure or an easy life
Q7. With a heavy hand
(a) Oppressively
(b) Operated by hand
(c) Arrogantly
(d) Applying weight
Q8. Out-and-out
(a) Thrown out
(b) Thoroughly
(c) Completely outside
(d) Outrageous
Q9. To beat a retreat
(a) To fight the enemy
(b) To take rest
(c) To withdraw
(d) To hide from the enemy
Q10. Hit the nail on the head
(a) Break someone’s head
(b) Behave callously
(c) Break a nail accidentally
(d) Hit the mark
Q11. Crossing the Rubicon
(a) Point of no return
(b) Averting great calamity
(c) Overcoming a great temptation
(d) Leaping into untested waters
Q12. By the skin of one’s teeth
(a) To forego old grievances
(b) To take one’s time to decide
(c) To cost almost nothing
(d) By a very small margin
Q13. Bark is worse than one’s bite
(a) Appearance are deceptive
(b) Overlook faults in someone
(c) To misjudge a person
(d) One is not as ferocious as one appears
Q14. Back up
(a) Move back slowly
(b) Withdraw
(c) Support
(d) Return
Q15. To be under a cloud
(a) To be in the dark
(b) To be hidden
(c) To be suspicious
(d) To be in disgrace

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