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Economics Quiz for SSC CGL

Economics Quiz for SSC CGL_40.1

Q1. The concept of’Micro Credit’ essentially concentrates on?
(a) consumption smoothening as and when needed
(b) providing safe place to hold savings
(c) accepting deposits
(d) provision of credit to the poor

Q2. Which of the following will set up core banking infrastructure for rural banks?
(a) SIDBI 
(b) IBA
(c) RBI 

Q3. Which organization provides credit history of the borrowers?
(b) CII
(c) FRBI
(d) IRDA

Q4. Collective consumption means  
(a) Household consumption 
(b) Individual consumption 
(c) Self-consumption 
(d) Consumption by the citizens of the country 

Q5. Increase in cash reserve ratio leads to  
(a) Increase in bank credit 
(b) Decrease in bank credit 
(c) Constant bank credit 
(d) Excess bank credit 

Q6. The Phillip’s curve is the schedule showing the relationship between  
(a) Aggregate supply and demand 
(b) Total saving and investment 
(c) The rate of unemployment and rate of inflation 
(d) Demand for and supply of loanable funds 

Q7. Economics is a  
(a) Computer science 
(b) Physical science 
(c) Social science 
(d) Natural science 

Q8. Extreme forms of market are  
(a) Perfect competition, monopolistic  
(b) Perfect competition, monopoly competition 
(c) Perfect competition oligopoly 
(d) Oligopoly monopoly 

Q9. Tooth paste is a product sold under 
(a) Monopolistic competition  
(b) Perfect Competition 
(c) Monopoly 
(d) Duopoly 

Q10. For an inferior good, demand falls when 
(a) Price rises  
(b) Income rise 
(c) Price falls 
(d) Income falls 

Q11. Equilibrium price is the price when 
(a) Supply is greater than demand  
(b) Supply is less than demand 
(c) Demand is very high 
(d) Supply is equal to demand 

Q12. Price theory is also known as 
(a) Macro Economics  
(b) Development Economics 
(c) Public Economics 
(d) Micro Economics  

Q13. Who defined investment as “the construction of a new capital asset like machinery or factory building”?  
(a) Hansen 
(b) JM Keynes 
(c) Harrod 
(d) JR Hicks 

Q14. In Economics the ‘Utility’ and ‘Usefulness’ have  
(a) Same meaning 
(b) Different meaning 
(c) Opposite meaning 
(d) None of the above 

Q15. An exceptional demand curve is one that moves 
(a) Upward to the right  
(b) Downward to the right 
(c) Horizontally 
(d) Vertically 

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