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Q1. Which is not the objective of Public Procurement and Distribution system followed by Indian Government?  
(a) Maintain price stability through creation of buffer stocks
(b) Protect the interests of both consumers and poor farmers
(c) Control the production of food grains
(d) Reduce personal and regional inequality in the distribution 

Q2. Where is the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Located?  
(a) New Delhi
(b) Hyderabad
(c) Mumbai
(d) Ahmedabad
Q3. Per capita income is obtained by dividing National Income by  
(a) Total population of the country
(b) Total working population
(c) Area of the country
(d) Volume of capital used
Q4. Token privatisation or deficit privatisation of public sector units occur when the government sells    
(a) 5% of shares
(b) 10% of shares
(c) 15% of shares
(d) 20% of shares
Q5. The Narasimham Committee (1991) of financial reforms proposed for establishment of a   
(a) Four tier hierarchy of the Banking structure
(b) Three tier hierarchy of the Banking structure
(c) Two tier hierarchy of the Banking structure 
(d) Unified control by the apex institutions
Q6. GDP at Factor Cost is  
(a) GDP minus indirect taxes plus subsidies
(b) GDP minus depreciation allowances
(c) NNP plus depreciation allowances
(d) GDP minus subsidies plus indirect taxes
Q7. The period of the Eleventh Five Year Plan is  
(a) 2005 to 2010
(b) 2006 to 2011
(c) 2007 to 2012
(d) 2008 to 2013
Q8. FERA in India has been replaced by  
(a) FEPA
(b) FEMA
(c) FENA
(d) FETA
Q9. NREGP is the abbreviated form of  
(a) National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme
(b) National Rural Educational Guarantee Programme
(c) National Rapid Educational Guarantee Programme
(d) National Rapid Employment Guarantee Programme
Q10. Indian Economy is called a mixed economy because of the existence of  
(A) Public Sector
(B) Private Sector
(C) Joint Sector
(D) Cooperative Sector
(a) a, d 
(b) a, b
(c) c, d
(d) b, d
Q11. Which is the biggest tax paying sector in India?  
(a) Agriculture sector
(b) Industrial sector
(c) Transport sector
(d) Banking Sector
Q12. The Government has renamed NREGA scheme and the name associated with the scheme is that of  
(a) Rajiv Gandhi
(b) Jawahar Lal Nehru
(c) Mahatma Gandhi
(d) Indira Gandhi
Q13. The Reserve Bank of India was nationalised in the year   
(a) 1935
(b) 1969
(c) 1949
(d) 1980
Q14. The abbreviation ‘SEBI’ stands for  
(a) Savings and Exchange Bank of India
(b) Securities and Exchange Bank of India
(c) Survey of essential business in India
(d) Securities and Exchange Board of India

Q15. Insurance sector in India is regulated by
(a) RBI
(b) CII
(c) IRDA
(d) SEBI


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