English Quiz (Misc.) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

Directions(Q.1-6: In each of the following sentences one word is italicised. Select from the answer choices given under each sentence the word/expression which gives the meaning of the word.

1.Balanced diet and regular exercise helps keep the vascular system healthy.
(a) circulation 
(b) muscles 
(c) bodily vessels 
(d) heart and lungs 
Ans- c

2.He couched his representation in an amusing way.
(a) presented 
(b) to put into words 
(c) neatly typed 
(d) submitted 

3.In the end the priest pronounced benediction on the bride’s head.
(a) to curse 
(b) to bless 
(c) whispered 
(d) doubt 
Ans- b

4.She quickly donned the coat and left.
(a) to change 
(b) to throw 
(c) to put on
(d) to remove 
Ans- c

5.He scored his initials on the desk.
(a) to paint
(b) to write 
(c) to scratch 
(d) to remove 
Ans- c

6.Do you have to agenda for today’s meeting?
(a) invitation 
(b) list of things to be done 
(c) major points 
(d) list of members 
Ans- b

Directions(Q7-10): In each of the following questions there are four words marked a-d. One of the words may be wrongly spelt. Select the word which is wrongly spelt.

7.(a) attendant 
(b) demurage  
(c) beginning 
(d) controversial
Ans- b   

8. (a) criticized 
(b) curiosity 
(c) attendence 
(d) condemned  
Ans- c   
9.(a) manoeuvre 
(b) exaggerate   
(c) humor 
(d) eligible
Ans- b 

10.(a) supercede 
(b) exceed
(c) proceed 
(d) concede   
Ans- a


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