English Quiz (Miscellaneous) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

Directions(Q.1-5) Fill in the blanks with an appropriate choice.

1.If you make a promise. You must be sure to ____________ it.
(a) accomplish
(b) keep
(c) follow
(d) succeed
Ans- b (Keep is aptly used here, You ‘keep a promise’)

2.The Govemement is seized ____________ this problem.
(a) with
(b) in
(c) of
(d) from
Ans-a ( ‘seized with ‘ is correct phrase)

3.Sports and their promotions ____________ are of less interest than the competitive element in matches.
(a) ipso facto
(b) per se
(c) en masse
(d) quid pro quo
Ans- a ( ‘ipso facto’ means ‘by that very fact or act.’)

4.He was a very successful ____________of the horses in the race course:
(a) rider
(b) jockey
(c) trainer
(d) seller
Ans- b ( ‘Jockey’ is a person who rides horse) 

5.The car ____________ suddenly.
(a) broke off
(b) broke down
(c) broke out
(d) broke up
Ans- b ( ‘Broke down’ is correct phrase) 

Directions(Q.6-10): Look at the italicized/Bold part of each sentence. Below each sentence there are given some alternatives. If any of them is better than the italicised/bold part, indicate that as your answer. If none is a proper substitute, (d) is your response.

6.The freshers have been attended their classes since 6th February.
(a) have attended
(b) have been attending
(c) were attending
(d) no improvement
Ans- b  (present perfect conitnuous tense will be used) 

7.He is the strongest and very tall boy of the class.
(a) the strongest and the tallest
(b) strong and tall
(c) the strongest and tallest
(d) No improvement
Ans- c (when we use two adjectives for same person , we use article ‘the’ before only first one.) 

8.Unless he does not give up smoking, we are not sure of any improvement in his health.
(a) has not given up
(b) gives up
(c) did not give up
(d) No improvement
Ans- b (‘Give up’ is correct phrasal verb.)

9.I prefer walking more than driving.
(a) to
(b) than
(c) more to
(d) No improvement
Ans- a ( ‘to’ is used after ‘prefer’)

10.His salary is not adequate to make the both ends meet.
(a) make both his ends meet
(b) make both ends meet
(c) make both the ends meet
(d) No improvement

Ans- a ( ‘make both his ends meet’ is correct sentence structure. )


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