English Quiz (Miscellaneous) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

Directions(Q.1-5) In each of the following questions an idiom is followed by four alternatives marked (a-d). Select, from the alternatives, the words that best describe the meaning of the idiom or phrase given in the question.

1.To break the ice
(a) To accomplish a difficult task
(b) to be the first to begin
(c) to bring out good news 
(d) to get the truth 
Ans- b (when somebody says things first when nobody is talking)

2.To catch one’s eye
(a) to pay attention 
(b) to attract attention 
(c) to admire someone 
(d) to be found guilty  
Ans-b ( when you can have the attention of someone)

3.To sit on the fence 
(a) to keep away 
(b) to be in danger 
(c) to remain neutral 
(d) to guard someone 
Ans- c ( being in idle situation)

4.To feather one’s nest 
(a) to gain popularity 
(b) to cheat others
(c) to be selfish 
(d) to provide for future 
Ans- c (when somebody tries to accumulate wealth by trick/dishonesty)

5.To grind one’s own axe
(a) to create trouble for self 
(b) to create trouble for others 
(c) to have selfish motive 
(d) to praise himself 
Ans- c (when somebody do something for his own benefit)

Directions for questions (Q.6 to 10) . In each of the following sentences there are two blanks spaces. Below each sentence there are four pairs of words denoted by numbers (a), (b), (c) and (d) . Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence grammatically correct and meaningfully complete.

6.Most people are too ____________ in their own lives to ____________ much about the agonies of others. 
(a) absorbed ____________ care 
(b)concerned ____________ think
(c)indulged ____________ eradicate  
(d)involved ____________ console 
Ans- b (‘concerned’ and ‘think’ are aptly used here in this context)

7.Lawyers and Doctors ____________ that advertising will certainly ____________ their profession adversely.
(a) trust ____________ damage 
(b)believe ____________ affect 
(c)plead ____________ escalate 
(d) contemplate ____________ boost 
Ans- b ( ‘affect’ is a verb and aptly used in the context.)

8.Because the ____________ leading to cancellation of flight were murky, the Minister appointed a Commission to ____________ and report the matter.
(a)staff members ____________ undertake 
(b)decisions ____________ decide
(c)facts ____________ underplay
(d) circumstances ____________ investigate 
Ans-  d ( Hint: minister appointed a commission to “investigate”)

9.Several plots ____________, ____________ in various television episodes.
(a) screen ____________ concurrently 
(b)televised ____________ consequently 
(c) about ____________ repeatedly 
(d)exhibit ____________ frequently
Ans- b ( ‘Televised ‘ only word used in third from of the verb, ‘consequently’further explains the idea)

10.By ____________ of their athletic activities, a few sportsmen are able to escape the pressures that living in ____________ can create.
(a) knowledge ____________ affluence 
(b) way ____________ prosperity 
(c) contrast ____________ adversity 
(d) virtue ____________ poverty 
Ans- d (Hint: ‘by virtue of ‘ is a phrase) 


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