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English Quiz (Idioms/Phrases) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

English Quiz (Idioms/Phrases) SSC CGL and CPO 2016_40.1
Directions(Q.1-10): In each of these questions, four alternatives are given for the given idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase and indicate your response.

1. A dark horse 
(a) An unforeseen competitor 
(b) A black horse 
(c) A nightmare 
(d) An unknown person 
Ans-a ( A dark horse -a candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds.)

2. To run across 
(a) To have an appointed meeting 
(b) To meet by chance 
(c) To run in the playground 
(d) To run very fast 
Ans-b ( To run across -meet or find by chance.)

3. To get one’s own back 
(a) To get one’s revenge 
(b) To get control over someone 
(c) To get one’s position back 
(d) To get hold of someone 
Ans- a (To get one’s own back  -have one’s revenge; retaliate.) 

4. To steer clear of 
(a) Drive carefully 
(b) Avoid 
(c) Explain clearly 
(d) Escape 
Ans- b (To steer clear of- take care to avoid or keep away from.
“steer clear of fatty food”)

5. To beat a retreat 
(a) To withdraw in defeat or humiliation 
(b) To withdraw after scoring a victory 
(c) To march back after a ceremonious parade 
(d) To run away in fear 
Ans-d (To beat a retreat-withdraw quickly in order to avoid something unpleasant)

6. To blaze a trail 
(a) To lead the way as a pioneer 
(b) To light a track 
(c) To set up a fire 
(d) To wear a blazer while running 
Ans-a (To blaze a trail – to make and mark a trail. “The scout blazed a trail through the forest”. – to do early or pioneering work that others will follow up on.)

7. Red-letter day 
(a) A colourful day 
(b) Fatal day 
(c) Happy and significant day 
(d) Hapless day 
Ans- c ( Red-letter day -a day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable)

8. To have the last laugh 
(a) To be of a cheerful nature 
(b) To laugh only after understanding something 
(c) To be victorious at the end of an argument 
(d) To crack the final joke 
Ans- c (To have the last laugh- to succeed when others thought you would not )

9. Turn a deaf ear 
(a) Disregard 
(b) Defy 
(c) Disobey 
(d) Dismiss 
Ans-c (Turn a deaf ear -refuse to listen or respond to a statement or request.)

10. To smell a rat 
(a) To experience bad smell 
(b) To misunderstand 
(c) To see a hidden meaning 
(d) To suspect a trick
Ans- d (To smell a rat-begin to suspect trickery or deception.)

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