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English Quiz (One Word Substitution )SSC CGL and CPO 2016

English Quiz (One Word Substitution )SSC CGL and CPO 2016_40.1
Directions(1-10): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentences. 
Q1. Animals living on land and in water.
(a) Ambiguous 
(b) Amphibian 
(c) Amorphous 
(d) Ambivalent
Amphibian – an animal (such as a frog or toad) that can live both on land and in water

Q2. Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others. 
(a) Sadism 
(b) Malevolence 
(c) Bigotry 
(d) Masochism 
sadism- the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.

Q3. A person who brings goods illegally into the country.
(a) Exporter 
(b) Importer 
(c) Smuggler 
(d) Imposter 
Smuggler- a person who smuggles goods.

Q4. One who specialises in the study of birds.
(a) Biologist 
(b) Naturalist 
(c) Zoologist 
(d) Ornithologist 
An ornithologist is a type of zoologist who focuses on birds. 

Q5. The branch of medical science which deals with the problems of the old.
(a) Oncology 
(b) Geriatrics 
(c) Obstetrics 
(d) endocrinology
geriatrics- the branch of medicine or social science dealing with the health and care of old people.

Q6. Murder of a new-born child.
(a) Homicide 
(b) Regicide 
(c) Fratricide 
(d) Infanticide 
infanticide- a person who kills an infant, especially their own child.

Q7. One who has suddenly gained new wealth, power or prestige.
(a) Aristocrat 
(b) Affluent 
(c) Maverick 
(d) Parvenu 
parvenu- a person of humble origin who has gained wealth, influence, or celebrity.

Q8. Giving undue favour to one’s own kith and kin.
(a) Favouritism 
(b) Nepotism 
(c) Corruption 
(d) Worldliness 
nepotism-the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

Q9. A person interested in reading books and nothing else.
(a) Student 
(b) Book-worm 
(c) Scholar 
(d) Book-keeper 
bookworm- a person who enjoys reading.

Q10. One who cannot be corrected.
(a) Invulnerable 
(b) Hardened 
(c) Incurable 
(d) Incorrigible 
Incorrigible -(of a person or their behaviour) not able to be changed or reformed.

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