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English Quiz (ERROR DETECTION) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

Directions ( Q.1-10) : In the following questions, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, your answer is (d) i.e. No error

1. The vaccine a)/ when hit the Indian market b)/ is dogged by controversy. c)/ No error d) 
(a) The vaccine 
(b) when hit the Indian market 
(c) is dogged by controversy 
(d) No error
Ans- b (write ‘which’ in place of ‘when’) 

2. His son a)/ is working b)/ very hardly. c)/ No error 
(a) His son 
(b) is working 
(c) very hardly 
(d) No error 
Ans- c (use ‘hard’ in place of ‘hardly’) 
3. Do you know that it was a)/ I who has done b)/ this piece of beautiful work? c) No error d)
(a) Do you know that it was 
(b) I who has done 
(c) this piece of beautiful work? 
(d) No error                
Ans- b (use ‘have’ in place of ‘has’) 
4. Either George a)/or Earl have completed b)his assignment for the competition c) no error d)  
(a) Either George
(b) or Earl have completed
(c) his assignment for the competition.
(d) No error 
Ans-  b (use ‘has’ in place of ‘have’. Either -or takes verb according to nearest subject) 

5. The future of food companies a)/ seems quite b)/ secure owed to ever-growing demand. c)/ No error d)
(a) The future of food companies 
(b) seems quite 
(c) secure owed to ever-growing demand 
(d) No error 
Ans- c (write ‘owing to’ in place of ‘ owed to’) 

6. If you had told me a)/ I would have helped you b)/ solve the problem. c)/ No error d)
(a) If you had told me 
(b) I would have helped you 
(c) solve the problem 
(d) No error
Ans- c (write ‘ in solving the problem’ in place of  ‘solve the problem’) 

7. “The Arbian Nights” a)/ are indeed b)/ an interesting book. c)/ No error d)
(a) “The Arbian Nights” 
(b) are indeed 
(c) an interesting book 
(d) No error   
Ans- b (use ‘is indeed’ in place of ‘are indeed’ ) 

8. He a)/ loved her b)/ despite of himself. c)/ No error d)
(a) He 
(b) loved her 
(c) despite of himself 
(d) No error
Ans- c ( we do not use ‘of’ after despite) 

9. Of all models a)/ Jessica is b)/ the more good-looking one. c)/ No error d)
(a) Of all models 
(b) Jessica is 
(c) the more good-looking one 
(d) No error
Ans-c (use ‘most’ in place of ‘more’) 

10. When I went there a)/ Charles is playing b)/ a game of chess. c)/ No error d)
(a) When I went there 
(b) Charles is playing 
(c) a game of chess 
(d) No error 
Ans- b (use ‘was’ in place of ‘is’) 

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