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English Quiz (Idioms and Phrases) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

English Quiz (Idioms and Phrases) SSC CGL and CPO 2016_40.1
Directions (Q.1-10): In each of these questions, four alternatives are given for the given idiom/phrase in bold. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase and indicate your response.

1. Shikha is very popular for her above board conduct.
(a)boasting person
(b)honest and straightforward
(c)a man with arrogance
(d)a dishonest person
Ans- b
above board- legitimate, honest, and open.

2. He has recovered from illness and now he is as fit as a fiddle.
(a)Very weak
(b)Recovering from illness
(c)Looks fit but not fit actually
(d)None of above
Ans- d
fit as a fiddle. – in very good health.
3. All three brothers are at loggerheads because of land dispute
(a)In difficulty
(b)to be at strife
(c)very happy together
(d)None of above
Ans- b
at loggerheads- in violent dispute or disagreement.
4.Land is an apple of discord between the two families
(a)cause of wealth
(b)cause of illness
(c)cause of happiness
(d)cause of quarrel
Ans- d
apple of discord- anything causing trouble, discord, or jealousy.
5.The quarrel between two friends has grown more bitter now and they are at dagger’s drawn.
(a) to have bitter enmity
(b)to be very friendly
(c) to be unknown
(d) to be very familiar
Ans- a
be at daggers drawn- if two people or groups are at daggers drawn, they are angry and ready to fight or argue with each other
6.After the theft in the home, everything was at sixes and seven.
(a) in perfect order
(b)very happy
(c)in disorder
(d)very sad
Ans- c
at sixes and sevens- In a state of confusion or disorder.
7.Being a politician he is Argus-Eyed and never overlooks even a small matter.
(a) Doubtful
(b)Very Confident
(c)Very Calm
Ans- d
Argus-Eyed- Extremely observant; vigilant.
8.I feel it is just a load of cobblers
(a)Good news
(b)Very famous
(d)None of above
Ans- c
a load of cobblers- Nonsense, rubbish.
9. I do not buy clothes online; I feel it is like a pig in poke because I can’t feel the fabric online.
(a) accept deal in a pressure
(b) accept deal without knowing
(c) accept deal after detail analysis
(d) accept deal due to threat
Ans- b
a pig in poke- something that is bought or accepted without first being seen or assessed.
10. She’s is a nice girl, but mentally, she’s away with the fairies.
(a)Not facing reality
(b)On the basis of reality
(c)Shocking stage
(d)Very sad
Ans- a
away with the fairies. – not facing reality; in a dream world.
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