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English Quiz (Idiom/Phrase ) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

 English Quiz (Idiom/Phrase ) SSC CGL and CPO 2016_40.1
Directions (Q.1-10): In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the Idiom/Phrase printed in the bold in the sentence. Choose the alternatives which best expresses the meaning the Idiom/Phrase as your answer.

Q1. Sarala is always ready to eat anyone’s salt.
(a) To be one’s guest  
(b) To cook tasty dishes
(c) An infectious disease
(d)  To deceive someone
Ans- a
eat someone’s salt to be someone’s guest
Q2. He will certainly come to grief if he does not leave his present friends.
(a) Addicted  
(b) Go up to the extreme
(c) Suffer
(d) Enjoy
Ans- c
come to grief -have an accident; meet with disaster.
Q3. If you develop friendship with an individual, you must stand by him through thick and thin.
(a) Think about his/her welfare  
(b) Under all circumstances
(c) To accompany through a thick forest
(d) In day and night.
Ans- b
through thick and thin- under all circumstances, no matter how difficult.
Q4. Nowadays, one gets good literary books once in a blue moon.
(a) From renowned publisher  
(b) At very low cost
(c) When the moon gives blue light
(d) Rarely
Ans- d
once in a blue moon. -very rarely.
Q5. He decided to bury the hatchet.
(a) To keep a secret  
(b) To make peace
(c) To fool someone
(d) To bury the wealth
Ans- b
bury the hatchet. – end a quarrel or conflict and become friendly.
Q6. Reena is a kind of person who wears her heart on her sleeve.
(a) Expresses her emotions freely  
(b) Expresses her emotions caringly
(c) Suppresses her emotions openly
(d) Suppresses her excitement sparingly
Ans- a
wears her heart on her sleeve-  to display one’s feelings openly and habitually, rather than keep them private
Q7. I hope to talk him over to overview.
(a) Oppose  
(b) Analyze
(c) Convince
(d) Support
Ans- c
to talk him over – Win someone over by persuasion, as in We talked them over to our point of view.
Q8. Fresh out of college, Ram found it difficult to get a job as he was wet behind the ears.
(a) Unsuitable 
(b) Inexperienced
(c) Unhealthy
(d) Irresponsible
wet behind the ears.- lacking experience; immature.
Q9. The officer kicked up a row over the issue.
(a) Gave a kick in the air  
(b) Made a great fuss
(c) Avoided the issue
(d) Gave strict orders
Ans- b
kicked up a row – to complain loudly in order to show that you are very annoyed about something
Q10. ‘If he does not perform his duties properly, I will send him packing,’ said the manager.
(a) Send him to packing department  
(b) Give him a warning
(c) Serve him a notice
(d) Terminate his services
Ans- d
send him packing- make someone leave in an abrupt or peremptory way.

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