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English Quiz (Idioms/Phrases) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

English Quiz (Idioms/Phrases) SSC CGL and CPO 2016_40.1

Directions (Q.1-10): In each of these questions, four alternatives are given for the given idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase and indicate your response.

1. Not my cup of tea 
(a) A refreshing drink 
(b) A routine work 
(c) Not what I like 
(d) Not liked by me 
Ans- c (not one’s cup of tea- not what one likes or is interested in) 

2. To have second thoughts 
(a) To change decision 
(b) To plan carefully 
(c) To take someone 
(d) To reconsider 
Ans- a (To have second thoughts – to consider changing a decision you have already made) 

3. To build castles in the air 
(a) Waste time 
(b) Daydream 
(c) Build houses 
(d) Work hard 
Ans- b (To build castles in the air – to daydream; to make plans that can never come true.) 

4. Sought after 
(a) Highly paid 
(b) Pursued by 
(c) In great demand 
(d) With great talent 
Ans- c (sought after- much in demand; generally desired.) 

5. All at sea 
(a) Very proud 
(b) Overjoyed 
(c) Puzzled 
(d) Excited 
Ans- c (All at sea – If you’re at sea, or all at sea, you’re confused about something and not sure what to do.) 

6. To hit below the belt 
(a) To punish 
(b) To tie with a belt 
(c) To hit with a belt 
(d) To attack unfairly 
Ans- d (To hit below the belt -[for a boxer] to strike an opponent below the belt. (An unfair blow.)

7. Pot-luck dinner 
(a) Dinner where everybody brings something to eat
(b) Dinner where everybody pays for his food 
(c) Dinner where only soup is served 
(d) Dinner where people eat and play games at the same time 
Ans- a (Pot-luck dinner – The official definition of a potluck is “a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish,”) 

8. Birds of a feather 
(a) Persons of same caste 
(b) Persons of same colour 
(c) Birds with same type of feather 
(d) Persons of same character 
Ans- d (Birds of a feather – “Birds of a feather” is the proverb “Birds of a feather flock together,” meaning that similar people congregate.) 
9. To fight tooth and nail 
(a) To fight a losing battle 
(b) To fight heroically 
(c) To fight cowardly 
(d) To make every possible effort 
Ans- d (To fight tooth and nail – to use a lot of effort to oppose someone or achieve something) 
10. To call a spade a spade 
(a) To be frank 
(b) To be shy 
(c) To be rude 
(d) To be diplomatic 
Ans- a (To call a spade a spade – to call something by its right name; to speak frankly about something, even if it is unpleasant.)

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