Reasoning Quiz for SSC CGL 2016, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL and Railways

Directions (Q 1 to 10) : In each of the following questions, a statement/group of statements is given followed by some conclusions. Without resolving anything yourself, choose the conclusion which logically follows from the given statements(s).

1.Statement : Most dresses in that shop are expensive.
Conclusions :
(a)There are no cheap dresses available in that shop.
(b)Handloom dresses in that shop are cheap.
(c)There are cheap dresses also in that shop.
(d)Some dresses in that shop are expensive

2.Statement : Every library has books.
Conclusions :
(a)Books are only in library.
(b)Libraries are meant for books only.
(c)No library is without books.
(d)Some libraries do not have readers.

3.Statement : To pass the examination, one must work hard.
Conclusions :
(a)Examination is related with hard work.
(b)All those who work hard, pass.
(c)Examination causes some anxiety and those who work hard overcome it.
(d)Hard-working person is a satisfied person

4.Statement : All beggars are poor.
Conclusions :
(a)If A is a beggar, then A is not rich.
(b)If A is not rich, then A is not a beggar.
(c)All those who are poor are beggars.
(d)If A is rich, then A is not a beggar

5.Statement : Soldiers serve their country.
Conclusions :
(a)Men generally serve their country.
(b)Those who serve their country are soldiers.
(c)Some men who are soldiers serve their country.
(d)Women do not serve their country because they are not soldiers.

6.Statements : The data given by the U.S. Labour Ministry indicate that till year 2000, there will be a shortage of 1,00,000 programmers. A spokesman from the industry said, “We should understand this thoroughly America needs Indian programmers. This is not only the question of investment but also of the talent with which the Indian programmers are equipped”.
Conclusion :
(a)In other sectors also, there will be shortage of the talented labour till the year 2000.
(b)Indian programmers are among the most talented in the world.
(c)Indian programmers are available on comparatively less salary in comparison to the programmers    from other countries.
(d)In spite of entering with huge capital in the Software Training, U.S. could not be able to meet its own needs fully.

7.Statement : A forest has as many sandal trees as it has Ashoka trees. Three-fourth of the trees are old ones and half of the trees are at the flowering stage.
(a)All Ashoka trees are at the flowering stage.
(b)All sandal trees are at the flowering state.
(c)At least one and half of the Ashoka trees are old.
(d)None of these

8.Statement : Three-fourth of the students of standard VII consisting of 48 boys and 12 girls  know swimming.
Conclusions :
(a)Swimming is compulsory in this school.
(b)One-fourth of the boys do not know swimming.
(c)The percentage of boys who know swimming is more than of girls.
(d)None of these

9.Statement : Foreigners in Jorden without a valid work permit will be deported. A few Indian employees in the building industry in Jorden do not possess valid work permits.
Conclusion :
1.All Indians engaged in building industry in Jorden will be deported to India.
2.A few Indians in building industry in Jorden will be deported.
3.A bulk of Indians in Jorden will be deported to India.
4.Indian employees in building industry without work permit will be deported from Jordan.
The conclusion(s) correctly drawn is/are
(a) 1 and 2
(b) 1 and 3
(c) 2 and 4
(d) 3 and 4

10.Statement : Double your money in five months – An advertisement.
Conclusion : 
I. The assurance is not genuine
II. People want their money to grow.
(a)If only conclusions I follows:
(b)If only conclusions II follows;
(c)If both I and II follows.
(d)If neither I nor II follows;





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