English Quiz (Miscellaneous) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

Directions : In each of the following questions a sentence or description is given, followed by four alternative choices marked a-d. Select from the answer choices one word substitute for the description given in the question.
1.A disease confined to a particular place or area 
(a) sporadic disease 
(b) epidemic disease 
(c) endemic disease 
(d) pandemic disease


2.A disease affecting many persons at the same time and place 
(a) epidemic disease 
(b) endemic disease 
(c) sporadic disease 
(d) pandemic disease 

3.An agreement to stop fighting
(a) compromise 
(b) accord 
(c) treaty 
(d) armistice 

4.A place where house refuse is burnt 
(a) pit
(b) garbage 
(c) shed 
(d) incinerator 
Ans- d

5.A substance to keep down evil smell
(a) perfume 
(b) fragrance 
(c) deodorant 
(d) scent 
Ans- c

Directions (6-10):In these questions, sentences are given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four alternative.

6.Dr Rajendra Prasad’s two terms as President were calm and peaceful as ______________ later times.
(a) compared from 
(b) compared to the 
(c) compared with the 
(d) compared to the 

7.Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s term beginning on May 13, 1962 ______________ turbulent.
(a) had more 
(b) was far more 
(c) were far more 
(d) have been 

8.The practice was slowly ______________ .
(a) given in
(b) given up
(c) gone with 
(d) given to 

9.India’s troubles with China were just then coming into the open and tension ______________ .
(a) were rising 
(b) was rising 
(c) had arisen 
(d) rising 

10.He was now the candidate of the Janata Party ______________ to power in the general elections.
(a) who had come
(b) which had come
(c) who have come
(d) who came 
Ans- b


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