English Quiz: ERROR DETECTION for SSC CGL Tier-II 2016

Directions (1-15): There are four option and all the sentences contain errors, Find out the error and mark as your correct answer.
Q1. I am pleased to sanction one special increment to all the employees with this month.
(a) I am pleased to sanction  
(b) One special increment
(c) To all the employees 
(d) With this month   

Q2. The mission provides able services to all the needy people in this area during the last few years.    
(a) The mission provides 
(b) Able services to all
(c) The needy people in this area  
(d) During the last few years 
Q3. I will put on a note in this regard for your consideration and necessary decision.  
(a) I will put on 
(b) A note in this regard  
(c) For your consideration  
(d) And necessary decision 
Q4. If the teacher is good, the students will respond positively to them.  
(a) If the teacher 
(b) Is good, the students    
(c) Will respond  
(d) Positively to them  
Q5. Whatever work that which you undertake put your best efforts in it.  
(a) Whatever work  
(b) That which you undertake 
(c) Put your best  
(d) Efforts in it 
Q6. The future is yet to come but you have a right to shape it.  
(a) The future is  
(b) Yet to come  
(c) But you have a 
(d) Right to shape it  
Q7. We have keep our promise and you can expect a lot from us in future.  
(a) We have keep  
(b) Out promise and  
(c) You can expect 
(d) A lot from us in future
Q8. Mohan has collected all the necessary documents and have written a good paper for this conference.  
(a) Mohan has collected 
(b) All the necessary documents 
(c) And have written a good paper  
(d) For this conference   
Q9. All the children have assembled on the ground and are waiting for the Principal to come.   
(a) All the children have  
(b) Assembled on the ground
(c) And are waiting for 
(d) The Principal to come  
Q10. The book is popular and the sale are quite brisk in all major cities. 
(a) The book is  
(b) Popular and the sale  
(c) are quite brisk in  
(d) All major cities   
Q11. I believe that next time when you will be coming to Bombay you will bring my book.    
(a) I believe that 
(b) Next time when you 
(c) Will be coming to Bombay 
(d) You will bring my book 
Q12. In the last week, I told him to come in time but he still comes late every day.   
(a) In the last week 
(b) I told him to come  
(c) In time but he still  
(d) Comes late every day
Q13. Since I meet Dinesh last Saturday he has been contacting me every day on phone. 
(a) Since I meet 
(b) Dinesh last Saturday  
(c) He has been contacting me
(d) Every day on phone  
Q14. Nitin’s nephew, which lives in Bangalore, is eager to travel to Delhi in the winter to have a glimpse of the capital.  
(a) Nitin’s nephew, which lives  
(b) In Bangalore, is eager to travel to  
(c) Delhi in the winter to have  
(d) A glimpse of the capital
Q15. All individuals are different, so their tastes vary from one another.  
(a) All individuals are  
(b) Different, so their  
(c) Tastes very from  
(d) One another 
S1. Ans.(d) 
Sol. Use preposition ‘from’ in place of ‘with’.

S2. Ans.(a) 
Sol. Write ‘The mission has provided”

S3. Ans.(a) 
Sol. ‘put up’ is correct phrasal verb. put up- To bring up for consideration or judgment

S4. Ans.(d) 
Sol. Write objective pronoun ‘him’ in place of ‘them’.  

S5. Ans.(b) 
Sol. Since ‘whatever’ is already used in the sentence, hence ‘that’ or ‘which’ is not required.  Remove ‘that which’.

S6. Ans.(c) 
Sol. Use conjunction ‘and’ in place of ‘but’.

S7. Ans.(a) 
Sol. Use ‘kept’ in place of ‘keep.

S8. Ans.(c) 
Sol. Write ‘has’.

S9. Ans.(d) 
Sol. Write ‘the principal’s coming’.

S10. Ans.(c) 
Sol.  Use singular verb ‘is’ in place of ‘are’ for the word sale.

S11. Ans.(c) 
Sol.  Write ‘come’ in place of ‘will be coming’.

S12. Ans.(a) 
Sol. “in the” will not be used with ‘last’. When ‘last’ is followed by ‘week, month or year’, ‘in the’ is not used.

S13. Ans.(a) 
Sol.  Write ‘since I met’.

S14. Ans.(a) 
Sol.  Write relative pronoun ‘who’ in place of ‘which’.

S15. Ans.(d) 
Sol.  Write One another’s.




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